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Sara’s public television show is all about getting quick tasty meals on the table during the work week. She shares tips and techniques that will make your life in the kitchen easier, cooks with fellow chefs who have specialties other than hers, talks to viewers via Skype to help solve their cooking dilemmas and ventures out to explore culinary destinations that are relevant to the home cook.

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Welcome to season six of Sara’s Weeknight Meals. As always, I’ll share  quick and easy dinners and tips to get them on the table but I’ll also introduce you to special recipes for the holidays. Then I’ll hit the road and travel to Georgia and South Carolina and meet cooks old and new, find the secret to Charleston’s best fried chicken, visit the church ‘Tea Rooms’ serving time honored recipes from Junior League cookbooks.  I’ll cook with a rising star chef at a Greyhound bus station turned into a restaurant in Savannah and I’ll discover the mystery of bees and beekeeping, with some sweet honey infused recipes to try for your next weeknight meal.


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Welcome to season five of Sara’s Weeknight Meals, featuring 20 new episodes. I’ll be cooking with 3 new guest chefs, Top Chef winner Hung Huynh, Israeli/Mediterranean chef/owner Einat Admony and vegetarian chef extraordinaire, Amanda Cohen. I’ll also be taking a trip to Louisiana’s bayou country to learn how to make the traditional crawfish boil. And as always, I’ll be teaching you new recipes and strategies for getting tasty dinners on the table during the work week.


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Welcome to the companion site for the fourth season of Sara’s Weeknight Meals. I have 20 new episodes lined up for you, all focused on getting tasty food on the dinner table during the work week. As always, Sara’s Weeknight Meals will be packed with tips and strategies like recipes featuring only five ingredients, cook-ahead meals and clever use of leftovers in an entirely new way.

I’ll share the kitchen with guest chefs from around the culinary globe, including stir fry expert, Chinese cookbook author, Grace Young, vegan food truck genius Adam Sobel, Mediterranean slow cooker author, Michele Scicolone and one of New York’s hottest chefs, Joey Campanaro.


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Welcome to the companion site for the third season of Sara’s Weeknight Meals. The third season of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” is animated by the same spirit that drove the first two seasons:  the desire to help the home cook put dinner on the table during the work week.  As in our second season, we do some traveling to track down wonderful and necessary ingredients, visiting Chinatown in New York, the Italian market in Philadelphia, the Brazilian community in Danbury, Connecticut, the model sustainable farm called Stone Barns in Tarrytown, New York, and – the cherry on top — the dazzling spice market in Istanbul, Turkey.  Six of this season’s ten shows feature yours truly alone at the stove.  Four of them boast guest chefs with beguiling specialties.  And every episode is bristling with the kinds of tips and tricks that simplify and speed up the preparation of the evening meal.


For this season we move to the country (my producer partner Natalie Gustafson’s house) and took time sourcing local ingredients with trips to neighboring markets. The focus, as it was in season one, is to help home cooks get dinner on the table during the work week. The recipes, which are quick and easy, come mostly from my recent cookbook, “Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners.”

We taped 20 shows. I cook alone in 13 of the shows and have guests, with unique specialties on with me for the remaining 7. Below are summaries of all the episodes.


Welcome to the companion site to my public television series, Sara’s Weeknight Meals, which started airing in April 2008. This show is based on my last cookbook, Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals, and it’s all about getting quick tasty meals on the table during the work week. The series is made up of 20 shows. I’m flying solo in 14 of them. The other six feature great guests, including Madhur Jaffrey, Jasper White, Andrew Carmelini, Roberto Santibanez, Corinne Trang, and Michael Psilakis. The show was produced by my dream team – the folks I most enjoyed working with during my years at the Food Network.


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Sara's Weeknight Meals is produced by Silver Plume Productions and WETA Washington, DC, and distributed by American Public Television (APT) to public broadcasting stations nationwide. Corporate funding is provided by Best Buy, Gallo and King Arthur Flour. |

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