Sara’s Weeknight Meals: Season 08

Episode 801: Flavors of Tuscany

Dining out back at Villa Dianella with Veronica, Alessio and Veronica’s dad


The rich flavors of Tuscany are ours to taste at Villa Dianella, a 15th century hunting lodge in Vinci, once owned by the Medicis, now owned by Veronica D’Entreves. We’re here to taste Chianti wines from the vineyard and then make a spectacular homemade Chianti Tortelli filled with local goat cheese and spring asparagus with a local chef and teacher at the Villa, Alessio Bagnoli.

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Villa Dianella
Villa Dianella is a 16th Century Tuscan villa once owned by the Medicis in the heart of Tuscany just 20 minutes from Florence. It’s now an inn, farm, vineyard and producer of olive oil and fine Italian wines, particularly the native Chiantis.


Via Dianella, 48
50059 Vinci (Florence) – Italy
P. IVA 05433600482

Phone +39 0571 508166
Fax +39 0571 904615
Email info@villadianella.it

The Cheese Nun
Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut at 273 Flanders Road is an order of Benedictine nuns. Our episode features Mother Noella Marcellino (promoted from Sister Noella). They normally only sell the cheese on site but their shop is currently closed for renovation. Their website is: http://abbeyofreginalaudis.org.

Here is more information about the cheeses they make:



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