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No time to cook? No problem. I've got great recipes to help you get food on the table fast. First up – Indian scrambled eggs with the crunch of the Indian flatbread, pappadom. On Ask Sara, I answer a viewer’s question about how to hard boil eggs without getting that ugly green ring around the yolk. We’ll visit a dairy where every cow is a lady and is treated like one, down to a daily shampoo of her tail. Finally, my brother Peter joins me to make steak and butter. And we really are making butter. It’s easy!

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Hope you'll join me for Season 11 of #SarasWeeknightMeals! It started airing on October 5th.

It's airing now! The 11th, yes 11th! Season of #SarasWeeknightMeals started airing Wednesday October 5th around the country on public television. Who is ready to set sail with me with show sponsor, @OceaniaCruises?

My dear friend Grace Young reminds us why America’s Chinatowns matter.

Chinatowns are struggling to survive and my dear friend Grace Young is reminding Americans why they matter. I was fortunate to contribute to this piece. Author Kristen Hartke included a paywall free link for those who don’t already subscribe to the Washington Post. Find it at #LoveAAPI (but please do…

A look at Grove Court in NYC where my grandfather once lived.

Here is a cozy spot tucked away in Greenwich Village – Grove Court. My artsy grandfather lived there for a short while when I was a kid. I loved visiting him there. The downstairs bathroom was entered through a door in the bookshelf. Everything was sort of small, maybe that…

Jacques Pepin is teaching a course on the cooking website, Rouxbe! The next session starts in September.

Who is the greatest culinary technician on the planet? Who can cut up a whole chicken in 20 seconds and make it look easy? Jacques Pepin! and now you too can learn from the great man himself. The course is called “Jacques Pépin: A Legacy of Technique.”  A collaboration with  @rouxbe,…

Pearl Oyster Bar is back!!!

If you have never been to this iconic restaurant on Cornelia Street in NYC you must go now. I dined there with the fam and yikes, it was so good I almost forgot to take photos. I loved everything – the raw oysters, the fried oysters, the crispy shrimp with…

On November 22nd I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show carving a holiday turkey.

Here is a link to the Rachael Ray Show segment where I demonstrate how to carve and serve your holiday turkey. I thought you might like to watch it as you get ready to carve your bird on the next special day.  

Here’s the Jean Anderson Chicken recipe I made on the Rachael Ray Show.

Here is my latest version of the Chicken recipe that I made on The Rachael Ray Show on September 15th. I originally learned how to make it from my friend and mentor, Jean Anderson (see photo below). When Rachael asked me to come on her show and make someone else’s…

I saw “Julia” the documentary which debuted in movie theaters in early November. Watch for it in your area!

“JULIA” the documentary by Oscar-nominated ‘RBG’ filmmakers Julie Cohen and Betsy West is just coming out on the big screen. The film debuted at the Lincoln Square and Angelika  theaters in NYC and two theaters in LA. There will be many, many more locations around the country in the following weeks.…

On September 15th, I appeared on the Rachael Ray Show.

Hope you caught me on the Rachael Ray Show. Curtis Stone, Jacques Pépin and I each cooked a recipe from one of our own favorite chefs that we wish we had written. Find it here.  

We dined at this amazing restaurant, Oberlin, in Providence.

A few weeks ago we found ourselves in Providence, Rhode Island and we dined at this amazing restaurant, Oberlin, which is all about seafood. Everything was superb but especially the crudo. If you find yourself downtown, you must go there!! And then wander around – RISD has clearly put its…

My mom’s dollhouse all decked out for Christmas!

Sending good thoughts to everyone during this crazy time we are in. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I share my love of corn and tomatoes in this summer’s U of M Alumnus magazine.

Corn and Tomatoes!!! my two favorite vegetable/fruits. Here is my latest U of M Alumnus magazine article sharing everything I know about these two stars of summer. You’ll find the article here.

I stopped by Radio Cherry Bombe to chat with guest host V Spehar.

Had a great time chatting with guest host V Spehar on @cherrybombe’s Radio Cherry Bombe! I share how I got the job as Julia Child’s assistant and what it was like working with her. V and I talk about my favorite summer produce and just what to do with it. You…

Hope you’ll check out “The Science of Baked Alaska” written by a friend I worked with at “Gourmet.”

Jolene, a friend and food writer from my Gourmet days,  just wrote a comprehensive science of Baked Alaska! It’s worth a read! You’ll find it in her Time Travel Kitchen here.

I’m proud to have a recipe featured in the Jacques Pépin Foundation’s new Video Recipe Book.

"Cook with Jacques & Friends: Volume 2" will help to support the work of the Foundation. For many chefs, Jacques is a mentor who is generous beyond compare. Learn more about his foundation here.

A look at my Mom’s sewing table.

When I was staying at my sister’s a few weeks ago we needed to repair a blanket so we opened up my Mom’s sewing table and I was floored to see the contents. How beautifully my Mom had arranged them. Reminded me of her watercolors which she kept neatly ordered…

On the May 25th Rachael Ray Show I gave you a look inside my kitchen.

As a professional chef, I am often asked about the things I like to use when cooking in my own kitchen. You can take a look inside my cupboards and drawers to see my favorite things and I will tell you why I like to use them. You can find…

"Cherry Bombe" magazine just announced they are republishing their sold-out Julia Child issue.

Cherry Bombe magazine celebrated the life and legacy of Julia Child from April 22nd to 29th as part of a special virtual conference. The tribute, in conjunction with the Julia Child Foundation, included a whole issue of Cherry Bombe about Julia as well as a JC festival online. Learn more…

Restoring my Mom’s childhood dollhouse.

A little while back I posted on Facebook and Instagram about my latest art project: the restoration of my Mom’s childhood dollhouse discovered in the attic at the family farm. At the time I noted that I was relieved not to find a family of chipmunks inside as the farm attic…


Here is a before and after shot of the miniature couch I found in my Mom’s dollhouse which I am renovating – My brother- in- law, John Murphy, just retired from his very intense job as the President of Rhode Island Hospital, is quite the woodworker! (who knew?) When I…

My son’s dog enjoying the day.

Here is my son’s dog “Puddles” catching a little nap. Who’s a good dog?

I interviewed Rick Bayless for the Spring 2021 UM Alumnus Magazine.

In early 2021, I caught up with Rick Bayless, Chef, Restaurateur and TV host, to learn about his pandemic year. He told not just his story but reflected on the state of the restaurant industry. Here is the link.

Check out my interview on Heritage Radio’s “Inside Julia’s Kitchen.”

I did an interview with the Julia Child Foundation for the show "Inside Julia’s Kitchen" on the Heritage Radio Network. We talked about what JC would have done during coronavirus times, among many other things.

The Jacques Pepin Foundation annual fundraiser was May 14.

The Jacques Pepin Foundation has been very busy this spring. Their principle, annual fundraiser, “A Night with Jacques and Claudine Pepin” was virtual this year on Friday May 14. The hour-long Zoom event offered culinary technique demonstrations and a lot of entertainment from the father-daughter duo! You can learn more…

Chef Rick Bayless, has started an online class; you should sign up!

I bet you could use a few quick Mexican cooking classes. My buddy, Chef Rick Bayless, one of the best teachers on the planet, has started an online video subscription as a way to raise money to pay his workers. More details here.

On Easter Sunday, I splurged on oysters for the family and found just the right platter to put them on.

Last Sunday, Easter, I splurged on oysters for the family and am so proud of myself for finding just the right platter to put them on: I dusted off some artichoke plates I use maybe once or twice a year (artichokes are expensive! but then again so are oysters…) Anyway,…

Here is the opportunity for the home cook to enjoy the same quality produce restaurants buy.

The Chefs Garden in Huron, Ohio, has been supplying chefs around the country with delicious produce for many years. Now founder Lee Jones is offering his special produce delivered to your door.

If you want an entertaining distraction from these crazy times, here’s Julia Child doing her first ever cooking episode.

In December I went to Washington to contribute to a PBS series about Julia Child. If you want an entertaining distraction from these crazy times, please watch this video. It is about Julia doing her first ever cooking episode – Boeuf Bourguignon – with commentary by me and Carla Hall…

I have a chapter in a new book,”One Last Lunch.”  It is the perfect read for right now.

Erica Heller asked 48 people to imagine a lunch with someone they had lost. The premise – If you could have one last lunch – maybe there was something you wanted to ask or say. I chose Julia.  But there are many fascinating stories in there from across the board.…

Remembering the Del Rio and the Det Burger, the perfect recipe for these trying times.

Here I am with some buddies outside the Del Rio, the bar where we worked in the mid seventies. Right now, it reminds me of a very peaceful uncomplicated time in my life. The Del Rio was famous for (among many things) – the Det Burger, the perfect recipe for these trying times.

Membership to the Jacques Pepin Foundation is the best gift you can buy for the foodie in your life.

What is the best gift you can buy for the foodie in your life? Membership to the Jacques Pepin Foundation (starting at $40 a year)! Not only will the membership support the foundation’s mission which is to support free culinary and life skills training to individuals in desperate need, but also your foodie…

On Sunday, June 7th, I returned to Beat Bobby Flay as a Judge!

On Sunday, June 7th, 2020, I was one of the Judges on Beat Bobby Flay along with Michael Psilakis and Jeremy Salamon. The Show, Episode 2 of Season 25, was called “Gives You Goosebumps,” and the star ingredient gives everyone goosebumps, including Chopped’s Scott Conant and comedic actress Cheri Oteri.

Chefs from around the country comment on episodes of “The French Chef.”

Julia Child was one of the funniest people I ever spent time with, and now, when you really need some fun in your life, PBS has produced a new series starring the grand lady, called “Dishing with Julia.” They invited chefs around the country to view episodes of “The French Chef” and comment on them.

I'm cooking with Ming again on Season 17 of his show, Simply Ming.

I'm cooking with my friend Ming Tsai again on Season 17 of his show, Simply Ming. That guy has more energy than a room full of kindergarteners! The show airs on @WGBH. I hope you check it out. Here's a preview. Here's a link to my episode.

I did a dinner at “Cooking by the Book” in NYC and they reviewed my “Home Cooking 101" on their website. You can read it here.

Did a New York Women’s Culinary Alliance dinner at “Cooking by the Book,” a great culinary space in downtown New York City, and they wrote a very nice review of my most recent book “Home Cooking 101.”

Here is my column from the Spring 2020 edition of the U of M magazine

In my column in the Spring 2020 edition of the University of Michigan alumni magazine I happily share a list of small, go-to gadgets—complete with recommendations on where to find them online. They'll change your culinary life. You can find it here.

Learn more about the movie "A Fine Line" here.

“A Fine Line” opens with the quote, “It is easier for a woman to become a CEO than a Head Chef” and tells the story of women chefs who have succeeded in the male dominated industry. Learn more here.

I was interviewed by Rozanne Gold on her podcast, “One Woman Kitchen.”

I was interviewed by Rozanne Gold on her podcast, “One Woman Kitchen.” You can find the podcast here. You can learn more about Rozanne on her Instagram page — @rozannegold.  

My good friend and mentor, Jean Anderson, has published a new book. Learn more here.

During my visits with Jean to North Carolina potteries, I bought several pieces of pottery but never focused on all their possible uses until I read this book.

You'll find my interview with the KLCS.org website here.

When I was interviewed for the KLCS.org website we spoke about my work with Julia Child and my PBS show, “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” which premiered it’s 9th Season in September 2019.  Check here to find the interview.

My Spring 2019 column for the U of M alumni magazine focuses on how to enjoy more veggies.

As local vegetables appear in markets, it is a great time to add more to your diet. Here are some ideas.

Mystery Solved!

People who saw these unusual tomatoes featured on my show when I was in Madremanya, near Barcelona, Spain have been reaching out like crazy to find out where they can get them, or the seeds to grow them, in the US.

I was one of five Culinary Institute of America Graduates to receive their Augie award in April of 2018.

Created by the CIA in tribute to famed French chef Auguste Escoffier, the Augies recognize the achievement of chefs, entrepreneurs, and other food visionaries.

News: Remembering my Mother and our connection through food

I was interviewed by Jillian Kramer for a Mother’s Day Story that appears on Food and Wine.com. You can read it here. “Even though I lost my mom about five years ago, it’s food that most reliably connects me to her today.”

Read my Huffington Post interview about Sexual Harassment.

Here’s the link to my Huffington Post interview about Sexual Harassment.

On the anniversary of Julia Child's birthday, I was interviewed on "The Connected Table Live."

In August of 2018 I was interviewed by hosts Melanie Young and David Ransom on their radio show, "The Connected Table Live." We talked about my career and my experiences with Julia Child, as August 15th was the anniversary of her birthday.

I was honored to be included in Food & Wine’s article on International Women’s Day.

I'm always in awe of the work done by the inspiring female chefs of today, and I look forward to seeing what the female chefs of the future will accomplish.

Here's my first quarterly column for the University of Michigan Alumni Magazine.

I have started writing a quarterly column for the University of Michigan alumni magazine. Here is the first article.

News: "Home Cooking 101" right on trend as the New York Times shows more home-cooked meals in America.

A 2017 NY Times article documents Americans preparing more meals at home and purchasing fewer away.

On the Road: Our Anniversary Viking Cruise on the Rhone River

This Cruise was the perfect way for The Husband and me to celebrate our 35th Anniversary. Travel along right here.

News: Here’s where you can find the latest weekly episode of “Milk Street Radio.”

Chris Kimball’s “Milk Street Radio” podcast launched in October. Each week I co-host a segment with Chris devoted to your questions.

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