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Embrace your leftovers with my quick and clever recipes using last night’s meal in an entirely new way. You’ll love Tomato, Chicken and Tortilla Soup, and could substitute turkey for the chicken. Any kind of cooked pasta or vegetables can star again in my Brie, Bacon and Spaghetti Frittata.

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Grilled Polenta with Mushroom Ragout

You can use your favorite mushrooms for this stick-to-your-ribs vegetarian comfort food.

Roasted Salmon with Hot Mustard Cracker Topping

Wild-caught salmon from Alaska is the best choice when purchasing salmon.

Esther's Chicken Fricassee

This recipe from my mother-in-law, Esther Adler, was a rare treat as it took about a month to assemble the parts.

French Apple Tart

As beautiful as it is delicious, this seasonal tart can be found in "Sara Moulton’s Home Cooking 101."

Braised Short Ribs

My version of a recipe by Tom Valenti, I make this every Thanksgiving in lieu of turkey–that’s how popular it is at my house.

Black Bean Tortilla Pizza

You can make this Vegetarian Tortilla Pizza in 25 minutes with mostly pantry ingredients!

Spanish Burger

Flavored with piquillo peppers or roasted red peppers and green olives, these burgers can be made with ground pork, bison or turkey.

Dandelion Greens Salad with Butternut Squash and Pecan Dressing

Chili Dressing's the star in this salad! Feel free to substitute your favorite greens.

Shredded Butternut Squash with Dates and Pistachios

This flavorful fall specialty can be made, start to finish, in 20 minutes.

Deep Hot Chocolate

I had this extraordinarily delicious hot chocolate at a teahouse called Angelina’s near the Louvre in Paris.

Green Bean Casserole Moderne

My fresh version of this company dinner favorite is so hearty it qualifies as a vegetarian entrée.

Butterscotch Bread Pudding

When I was a kid, one of my favorite desserts was coffee ice cream and hot butterscotch sauce. This dessert delivers that flavor combo.

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Check out my interview on Heritage Radio’s “Inside Julia’s Kitchen.”

I did an interview with the Julia Child Foundation for the show "Inside Julia’s Kitchen" on the Heritage Radio Network. We talked about what JC would have done during coronavirus times, among many other things. The episode aired May 14th but the podcast version can be found here.

Here is the opportunity for the home cook to enjoy the same quality produce restaurants buy.

The Chefs Garden in Huron, Ohio, has been supplying chefs around the country with delicious produce for many years. Now founder Lee Jones is offering his special produce delivered to your door.

Remembering the Del Rio and the Det Burger, the perfect recipe for these trying times.

Here I am with some buddies outside the Del Rio, the bar where we worked in the mid seventies. Right now, it reminds me of a very peaceful uncomplicated time in my life. The Del Rio was famous for (among many things) – the Det Burger, the perfect recipe for these trying times.

Although this year's Jacques Pépin Foundation Benefit Dinner was cancelled their critical work for the food industry goes on.

While the Annual Dinner for the JPF was cancelled, the Foundation’s mission to provide accessible culinary education to individuals with few educational opportunities continues. Learn more here.

On Sunday, June 7th, I returned to Beat Bobby Flay as a Judge!

On Sunday, June 7th, 2020, I was one of the Judges on Beat Bobby Flay along with Michael Psilakis and Jeremy Salamon. The Show, Episode 2 of Season 25, was called “Gives You Goosebumps,” and the star ingredient gives everyone goosebumps, including Chopped’s Scott Conant and comedic actress Cheri Oteri.

Chefs from around the country comment on episodes of “The French Chef.”

Julia Child was one of the funniest people I ever spent time with, and now, when you really need some fun in your life, PBS has produced a new series starring the grand lady, called “Dishing with Julia.” They invited chefs around the country to view episodes of “The French Chef” and comment on them.

I'm cooking with Ming again on Season 17 of his show, Simply Ming.

I'm cooking with my friend Ming Tsai again on Season 17 of his show, Simply Ming. That guy has more energy than a room full of kindergarteners! The show airs on @WGBH. I hope you check it out. Here's a preview. Here's a link to my episode.

I did a dinner at “Cooking by the Book” in NYC and they reviewed my “Home Cooking 101" on their website. You can read it here.

Did a New York Women’s Culinary Alliance dinner at “Cooking by the Book,” a great culinary space in downtown New York City, and they wrote a very nice review of my most recent book “Home Cooking 101.”

Here is my column from the Spring 2020 edition of the U of M magazine

In my column in the Spring 2020 edition of the University of Michigan alumni magazine I happily share a list of small, go-to gadgets—complete with recommendations on where to find them online. They'll change your culinary life. You can find it here.

Learn more about the movie "A Fine Line" here.

“A Fine Line” opens with the quote, “It is easier for a woman to become a CEO than a Head Chef” and tells the story of women chefs who have succeeded in the male dominated industry. Learn more here.

I was interviewed by Rozanne Gold on her podcast, “One Woman Kitchen.”

I was interviewed by Rozanne Gold on her podcast, “One Woman Kitchen.” You can find the podcast here. You can learn more about Rozanne on her Instagram page — @rozannegold.  

My good friend and mentor, Jean Anderson, has published a new book. Learn more here.

During my visits with Jean to North Carolina potteries, I bought several pieces of pottery but never focused on all their possible uses until I read this book.

You'll find my interview with the KLCS.org website here.

When I was interviewed for the KLCS.org website we spoke about my work with Julia Child and my PBS show, “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” which premiered it’s 9th Season in September 2019.  Check here to find the interview.

My Spring 2019 column for the U of M alumni magazine focuses on how to enjoy more veggies.

As local vegetables appear in markets, it is a great time to add more to your diet. Here are some ideas.

Mystery Solved!

People who saw these unusual tomatoes featured on my show when I was in Madremanya, near Barcelona, Spain have been reaching out like crazy to find out where they can get them, or the seeds to grow them, in the US.

I was one of five Culinary Institute of America Graduates to receive their Augie award in April of 2018.

Created by the CIA in tribute to famed French chef Auguste Escoffier, the Augies recognize the achievement of chefs, entrepreneurs, and other food visionaries.

News: Remembering my Mother and our connection through food

I was interviewed by Jillian Kramer for a Mother’s Day Story that appears on Food and Wine.com. You can read it here. “Even though I lost my mom about five years ago, it’s food that most reliably connects me to her today.”

Read my Huffington Post interview about Sexual Harassment.

Here’s the link to my Huffington Post interview about Sexual Harassment.

On the anniversary of Julia Child's birthday, I was interviewed on "The Connected Table Live."

In August of 2018 I was interviewed by hosts Melanie Young and David Ransom on their radio show, "The Connected Table Live." We talked about my career and my experiences with Julia Child, as August 15th was the anniversary of her birthday.

I was honored to be included in Food & Wine’s article on International Women’s Day.

I'm always in awe of the work done by the inspiring female chefs of today, and I look forward to seeing what the female chefs of the future will accomplish.

Here's my first quarterly column for the University of Michigan Alumni Magazine.

I have started writing a quarterly column for the University of Michigan alumni magazine. Here is the first article.

News: "Home Cooking 101" right on trend as the New York Times shows more home-cooked meals in America.

A 2017 NY Times article documents Americans preparing more meals at home and purchasing fewer away.

On the Road: Our Anniversary Viking Cruise on the Rhone River

This Cruise was the perfect way for The Husband and me to celebrate our 35th Anniversary. Travel along right here.

News: Here’s where you can find the latest weekly episode of “Milk Street Radio.”

Chris Kimball’s “Milk Street Radio” podcast launched in October. Each week I co-host a segment with Chris devoted to your questions.

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