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It's Chinese New Year. Here's how to celebrate no matter how busy you are. The Chinese have mastered the quick weeknight meal with stir fry, and the master of stir fry is chef Grace Young. She’s got two favorite recipes – Chinese-Burmese Chili Chicken and Peppery Vegetarian Rice. Both are fast, easy and delicious. Plus, Grace’s great tips on seasoning a wok.

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Chinese Burmese Chili Chicken

From the Video above -- this simple but hearty dish will make a weeknight meal a celebration.

Baby Egg Rolls with Soy Dipping Sauce

These are a delicious choice for a Chinese New Year's party or a family weeknight meal.

Roasted Salmon with Hot Mustard Cracker Topping

Our favorite wasabi rice crackers provide a tasty, crunchy crust for the salmon.

Warm Chocolate Cheesecake

This cheesecake doesn’t have a chance to crack while cooling because you take it out of the oven and eat it right away.

Seared Hanger Steak with Mustard Basil Butter

Hanger steak should be cooked no more than medium-rare then sliced thin across the grain.

Onion Soup with a Poached Egg

A satisfying cold weather meal, this soup is inspired by one I used to enjoy at Beppe, a local restaurant now gone.

Meatloaf Burgers

Seasoned patties of ground beef, pork, and veal or turkey deliver the flavor of meatloaf in a hurry.

Spanish-style White Bean, Kale, and Chorizo Soup

In the early nineties, I went on a weeklong press trip to Spain and fell in love with Spanish cuisine.

Mushroom Enchiladas

In this recipe, the mushrooms start by absorbing a very flavorful lime-and-cumin marinade then are rolled in warm tortillas.

Baked Chicken Thighs with Artichoke Hearts and Lemon Pickles

Make-ahead homemade Lemon Pickles star in this special baked dish.

Egg, Canadian Bacon and Cheddar Biscuit Sandwiches

Here's a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast entree that doubles as a hearty weeknight meal.

Shellfish and Couscous Stew

Scallops, shrimp, mussels, and clams add big flavor to the couscous in this one dish meal.

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I’m cooking with Ming again on the next season of his show, Simply Ming.

I’m cooking with my friend Ming Tsai again on Season 17 of his show, Simply Ming. That guy has more energy than a room full of kindergarteners! The show airs on @WGBH. I hope you check it out. Here’s a preview.    

My good friend and mentor, Jean Anderson, has published a new book. You must check it out!

During my visits with Jean to North Carolina potteries, I bought several pieces of pottery but never focused on all their possible uses until I read this book.

On Thursday, September 12th, I was one of the judges on "Beat Bobby Flay!

On Thursday, September 12th I was one of the judges on “Beat Bobby Flay!” along with Ariel Fox and Craig Samuel. Learn more here.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the KLCS.org website

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for the KLCS.org website. We spoke about my work with Julia Child and my PBS show, “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” which premieres it’s 9th Season starting on Wednesday, September 4th.  Check here to find the interview.

I was recently interviewed by Mat Schuster on Food, Wine & the Culinary Mind.

Here is a link to my podcast interview with Mat Schuster on Food, Wine & the Culinary Mind.

You can find a link to my interview with Kathy Saunders of the Tampa Bay Times right here.

When I was at Lake Austin Spa in June, I spoke with Kathy Saunders about working with Julia, my Food Network shows and my PBS show, "Sara's Weeknight Meals."

I have a new favorite culinary oil – Argan, from Morocco. Learn more here.

Meet Argan, my new favorite culinary oil. It has an absolutely delicious nutty taste and can be used in all sorts of applications.

This guy gave the most incredible speech at the University Club in NYC the other night.

The topic? Food memory. There will never be another Jacques Pepin. He is one of a kind. The food world is so lucky to have him.

My latest column for the U of M alumni magazine focuses on how to enjoy more veggies.

As local vegetables appear in markets, now is a great time to add more to your diet. Here are some ideas.

Mystery Solved!

People who saw these unusual tomatoes featured on my show when I was in Madremanya, near Barcelona, Spain have been reaching out like crazy to find out where they can get them, or the seeds to grow them, in the US.

I joined Ming Tsai for Episode 1605 of “Simply Ming;” you can find a clip and the recipes here.

I joined Ming Tsai for Episode 1605 of “Simply Ming” which aired on Boston’s #WGBH! Focusing on comfort food, we prepared an Alsatian Onion Tart, French Onion Apple soup and a cocktail, Gator Bait.

Here is the "Kitchen Chat" podcast I did with Margaret McSweeney and Jaime Laurita.

Among the things we talked about is the fact that Jaime's first TV appearance was on my show, "Cooking Live."

Here is the link to my interview on “Conversations with Jeff Weeks.”

In my interview with Jeff Weeks on his WSRE show we discussed my experiences with Julia Child, at Gourmet Magazine, and on the Food Network as well as my books and curent PBS show.

News: I was one of five Culinary Institute of America Graduates to receive their Augie award in April.

Created by the CIA in tribute to famed French chef Auguste Escoffier, the Augies recognize the achievement of chefs, entrepreneurs, and other food visionaries.

News: Remembering my Mother and our connection through food

I was interviewed by Jillian Kramer for a Mother’s Day Story that appears on Food and Wine.com. You can read it here. “Even though I lost my mom about five years ago, it’s food that most reliably connects me to her today.”

Read my Huffington Post interview about Sexual Harassment.

Here’s the link to my Huffington Post interview about Sexual Harassment.

On the anniversary of Julia Child's birthday, I was interviewed on "The Connected Table Live."

On August 15th I was interviewed by hosts Melanie Young and David Ransom on their radio show, "The Connected Table Live." We talked about my career and my experiences with Julia Child, as it was the anniversary of her birthday.

News: I was honored to be included in Food & Wine’s article on International Women’s Day.

I'm always in awe of the work done by the inspiring female chefs of today, and I look forward to seeing what the female chefs of the future will accomplish.

Here is all of my Special Sauce Interview with Ed Levine.

Here is Part 1 of the two part interview I did with Ed Levine, the founder of Serious Eats, on his podcast, Special Sauce. And, here is Part 2; the story gets juicier as I plunge headfirst into the issues women still face as chefs.

News: Check out my first quarterly column for the University of Michigan Alumni Magazine.

I have started writing a quarterly column for the University of Michigan alumni magazine. Here is the first article.

News: "Home Cooking 101" right on trend as the New York Times shows more home-cooked meals in America.

A 2017 NY Times article documents Americans preparing more meals at home and purchasing fewer away.

On the Road: When I was in Maine we ate at my cousins' newest restaurant.

I had the tastiest meal at my cousins’ newest restaurant, Salt Pine Social, at 244 Front Street in Bath, Maine. My twin cousins, Daphne Comaskey and Eloise Humphrey, pictured here, were already famous in Maine for El Camino, their previous wonderful Mexican restaurant in Brunswick.

On the Road: Our Anniversary Viking Cruise on the Rhone River

This Cruise was the perfect way for The Husband and me to celebrate our 35th Anniversary. Travel along right here.

Kitchen Shrink: How can you make sure fruit pies don’t become too soggy when baked?

I recently got a question entitled “Soggy Fruit Pies” from Audrey, a viewer. That got my attention! She asked for my best tip for “making sure fruit pies don’t become too soggy when baked.”

On the Road: Here's my Heritage Radio Interview from Charleston.

While I was at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival in early March to do a demo and judge the biscuit battle, I was interviewed by Caity Moseman Wadler of Heritage Radio.

News: Here’s where you can find the latest weekly episode of “Milk Street Radio.”

Chris Kimball’s “Milk Street Radio” podcast launched in October. Each week I co-host a segment with Chris devoted to your questions.

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