Sara’s Weeknight Meals: Season 03

Episode 309: Pantry Raid

309_opening_photoThough some of us imagine that the pantry went out with the hoop skirt, most of us keep a steady supply of dry goods somewhere in the kitchen. When I talk about a pantry I mean not only the dried goods in your cupboard, but the vegetables you keep in a basket or bin at room temperature, the regular items you keep in your fridge at any given time, and the frozen goods you should keep in your freezer. If you have a well stocked “pantry” you will be equipped to make dinner any night of the week, even if you had no time to get to the supermarket.

In this episode I make two vegetarian dishes, first linguine with a white bean, red pepper and olive sauce, then nacho pie layered with tortillas, black beans, corn and Monterey Jack. And finally, pull out your waffle maker, because I am going to show you how to make savory waffles for dinner, topped with cheating creamy spinach and poached eggs (and show you my stress free way to poach eggs, an undertaking which many home cooks avoid).

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