Sara’s Weeknight Meals: Season 04

Episode 418: Dinner at 8

418-opening-shot-418-280x210Entertaining frightens many home cooks- There is pressure to do something over the top and complicated. But I know that is not necessary. I have two dishes for today’s show that will make you look like a culinary genius with very little effort on your part.

First, a quick entrée, Sauteed Duck Breast with Gingered Grape Sauce that you can prepare from start to finish in just 30 minutes. Then a fun party dish – Japanese Beef Fondue, which includes not only beef but many colorful vegetables, all of which add their flavor to the cooking broth.  And I will also show you how to make a homemade stock, the base of the fondue.

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Fairway for donating all the food | Chantal for the cookware | Le Creuset for the Dutch ovens | Wustoff for the knives | Boos for the cutting boards | Kitchen Aid for the appliances | Oxo for the small kitchen tools |