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Sara's Kitchen Revelations

Check out my Radio Cherry Bombe interview on Yahoo! Food.

September 26th, 2014  |  Filed under Announcements « Blog
An article by Rachel Tepper on Yahoo! Food covered my interview with Julia Turshen on the Heritage Radio Network’s Radio Cherry Bombe in which we chatted about deciding to go to culinary school, Julia Child, and the importance of humility. You’ll find it at Cherry Bombe. It was accompanied by this photo taken when we cut the ribbon on the Gourmet test kitchen in 1999. From left to right: Charlie Gibson, Julia Child, Ruth Reichl, Steve Florio, Gina Sanders, Sara… more »

Join me in Newport on September 20th!

August 18th, 2014  |  Filed under Announcements
On Saturday, September 20th, you’ll find me at the 9th Annual Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival. At 1:30, I will be doing a demo in the Marble House about how to make a French apple tart in the shape of a rose and I will be sharing a little trick that will enable anyone to slice the apples paper thin, even those who are not handy with a knife. Then, I will be signing cookbooks at 2:15. The festival… more »

Season Four Schedule

June 15th, 2014  |  Filed under Announcements « Blog
Sara’s Weeknight Meals: Season 4 Carriage (Top Markets) NielsenDMA# CALL LETTERS DMA ST PRIMARY SCHEDULE COMMENTS… 125 WNET New York NY Sun @ 4PM Beginning 6/21 WEDW New York CT Sat @ 1:30PM Beginning 6/28 125 WLIW New York NY Sat @ 11:30AM Beginning 6/28 WNJN New York NY Sun @ 3PM Beginning 6/29 390 KOCE Plus Los Angeles CA Sat @ 4PM Beginning 7/5 KLCS Los Angeles CA Sat @ 3:30PM Beginning 9/6 KVCR Los Angeles CA Sun @ more »

Hope you’ll try these recipes from my French cruise.

June 2nd, 2014  |  Filed under Blog « On the Road
I just returned from a riverboat cruise down the Rhone in France on the A Rosa ship called “Stella” here is the view from my cabin window at dawn  and here are the recipes for Mini Goat Cheese Souffles in Phyllo Cups with Micro Greens and Radish Salad and Spicy Pecan Praline and Scrambled Egg and Smoked Salmon Crêpes that I demonstrated on the ship.… more »

Join me at Lake Austin Spa on July 14th

April 26th, 2014  |  Filed under Announcements « Blog
I am going to be back at the Lake Austin Spa Resort on July 14, teaching a class on healthy summer salads, including Tomato Avocado Salad with Gingered Tomato Vinaigrette, and Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Feta Dressing and Watermelon Cucumber Salsa. For more information or to register for the event, call 512-372-7380 or 800-847-5637, or go to Lake Austin.… more »

Congratulations Locavore Contest Winners!

July 13th, 2013  |  Filed under Announcements « Blog
Many thanks to all of you who entered! We have selected our locavore winner. It was a very difficult task because we received so many creative, tasty entries from all over the country. But finally, after an arduous testing process we chose: Strawberry Rhubarb Dessert Tamales by Suzie Trivisonno. Congratulations Suzie! We will be taping our video at the end of the month and will post it on Facebook. And the award for the most popular vote goes to: Grilled… more »

Thank you for entering the Locavore contest!

June 22nd, 2013  |  Filed under Announcements « Blog
Subaru of America and I thank you for joining our search for the best locavore recipe. Keep an eye on this site to find out the results. Although the main contest is over, the judging is going on for the next few weeks and you can still vote for your favorite recipe. Whoever gets the most popular votes will win a full set of Chantal Copper Fusion Pans! Go to Locavore Challenge to see all the entered recipes.… more »

It’s not too late to enter my locavore challenge!

May 23rd, 2013  |  Filed under Announcements
The deadline is June 21st. The prize? I will come cook with you and we will video tape it. Watch this video for the details.… more »

Sara’s Kitchen Revelations: The Ultimate Drink Enhancer – Flavored Ice Cubes

August 3rd, 2012  |  Filed under Blog « Favorite Ingredients « Useful Info
You can freeze anything in an ice cube tray and then float it in a drink. Fruit is an excellent candidate, any kind, pureed and strained (optional – I don’t mind seeds) will make a lovely addition to a summer drink. Or herbal or regular tea. They can be added to water, sparkling water, any juice or fresh lemonade.    If you want to make it an adult beverage you even top it off with a little vodka, rum or… more »

Sara’s Kitchen Revelations – Don’t throw out that leftover coffee, freeze it.

July 27th, 2012  |  Filed under Blog « Favorite Ingredients « New Discoveries « Useful Info
After my morning cup (well, cups) of coffee all I want on a hot summer afternoon is iced coffee and what better way to ice it then with coffee ice cubes – double whammy!   or you can take it even further and throw the cubes into a blender with some milk and sugar and whiz it into your own version of that rather expensive frozen coffee drink found at many fancy coffee shops Only your version, your Frozen Cafe… more »

Sara’s Kitchen Revelations – Oversalted it? There is one solution.

July 20th, 2012  |  Filed under Blog « Useful Info
I’m sure it’s happened to you – you forgot to taste one more time and added more salt anyway and then realized that suddenly your stew/soup/sauce was so salty it was inedible.     For years I thought the answer was to add one of these three starchy foods:     That was the solution I suggested on my live call in show, “Cooking Live,” on the food network.       Then one day, a few years ago I… more »

Sara’s Kitchen Revelations – Tomatoes Need Salt

July 13th, 2012  |  Filed under Blog « Useful Info
There is absolutely nothing better in the summer than a ripe tomato. We have a garden in the back field of my parents old farmhouse and some years I can’t keep up with the crop: Even though this kind of harvest makes me feel slightly like Lucy trying to wrap all the candies on the conveyor belt I never get tired of eating dead ripe summer tomatoes. But before I eat them straight up or use them in almost any… more »

Sara’s Kitchen Revelations – Mise En Place is a Waste of Time for the Home Cook.

July 6th, 2012  |  Filed under Blog « Useful Info
I take my life into my own hands by saying this. I’m sure all my chef instructors from my alma mater, the Culinary Institute of America, will want to shoot me at dawn. But here is what I have discovered from cooking dinner at home 5 or 6 nights a week for the last 25 years – mise en place (meaning, prepping and measuring all your ingredients before starting a recipe) is a waste of time, literally. Here is the… more »

Sara Kitchen Revelations – Fresh Corn: Cook It, Chill It, or Lose It

July 1st, 2012  |  Filed under Blog « Favorite Ingredients « Useful Info
I bet many of you, like me today, are picking up corn at the farm stand or farmer’s market, which is a good thing, because corn close to the source (as opposed to trucked miles from the farm) is fresher. But there is a problem with corn – the second you pick it, its natural sugars start to turn to starch. I bet you have bitten into “fresh” corn and thought to yourself, wow that tastes bland and un-corny, more… more »

Sara’s Kitchen Revelations – Small People Need Big Knives

June 26th, 2012  |  Filed under Blog « Kitchen Tools « Useful Info
This is not about my Napoleon complex. I really mean it -we little people work better with a bigger knife. Actually, mostly, big people chop more efficiently with a bigger knife too.  Why? Well, Here are two chef’s knives, side by side, an 8-inch and a 10-inch: The 10-inch knife is heavier. The heaviest part of any knife is where the blade meets the handle: that is where you should position your “victim,” aka the item you are going to… more »