“Sara’s Weeknight Meals” Goes Outdoors for a 5 Ingredient Cookout!

520-SCALLOP-BASIL-PROSCUITTO-KABOB-AND-SANGRIA-1-300x200This week in Episode 520: 5 Ingredient Cookout we make cooking outside so easy you won’t be able to resist. What’s not to love about my Scallop, Basil and Prosciutto Kebabs? Especially served with my Quick Pink Sangria. And, since we’re barbecuing, we decided to go to the master. Carolina Cue To Go’s Elizabeth Karmel joins us with her definitive Texas Hill Country Market Style Barbecue Brisket and I cool it off with Watermelon Lemonade. Finally we’ll visit with Bob Ahlgreen and the BBQ Pit Boys, a You Tube sensation.

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2 Responses to “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” Goes Outdoors for a 5 Ingredient Cookout!

  1. Mark McDonough says:

    Love the show and website. Thanks, Mark

  2. Lee Sturtevant says:

    Love the recipes

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