Sara’s Weeknight Meals Season Two Schedule

Arkansas Public TV Saturdays @ 4pm beginning 10/1

KBDI/Denver Tuesdays @ 4:30pm beginning 10/12

KCPT/Kansas City Fridays @ 2:30pm beginning 10/7

KLVX/Las Vegas Saturdays @ 11:30am beginning 10/22

KNME/Albuquerque Saturdays @ 2pm beginning 10/8

KOPB/Portland, OR Mondays @ 12:30pm beginning 10/24

KQED/San Francisco Saturdays @ 2pm beginning 10/1

KRMA/Denver Saturdays @ 10am beginning 10/1 (primary station)

KTCA/Minneapolis-St. Paul Saturdays @ 1pm beginning 10/15

KUAT/Tucson Saturdays @ 2:30pm beginning 10/8

KUED/Salt Lake City Saturdays @ 3pm beginning 11/5

Maryland Public TV (includes Baltimore) Saturdays @ 1:30pm beginning 10/1

NPT2/Nashville Wednesdays @ 7:30pm beginning 10/5

South Carolina ETV Wednesdays @ 1:30pm beginning 11/19

WBCC/Orlando Mondays @ 3:30pm beginning 10/3

WETA/Washington, DC Saturdays @ 1pm beginning 10/1

WGBH/Boston Saturdays @ 11:30am beginning 10/1

WHYY/Philadelphia Saturdays @ 1pm beginning 10/1 (primary station)

WITF/Harrisburg, PA Saturdays @ 12:30pm beginning 10/1

WNET/New York Sundays @ 4:30pm beginning 10/2 (primary station)

WNJB/WNJN-New Jersey (NY market) Wednesdays @ 1:30pm beginning 10/12

WNJS/WNJT-New Jersey (Philadelphia market) Wednesdays @1:30pm beginning 10/12

WPTD ThinkLife TV/Dayton, OH Wednesdays @ 3pm beginning 10/5

WTTW/Chicago Saturdays @ 4pm beginning 10/1

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