Sara’s Weeknight Meals Season Two Schedule: Contact Your Local PBS If They Aren’t There!

Season two of my new PBS show, Sara’s Weeknight Meals, started airing around the country the week of October 1st. Here is a list of times and stations. I have had lots of nice e-mails from viewers whose area is not on the schedule. If your area is not on the schedule, please contact your local Public Broadcasting Station to see when it will be shown. We taped 20 shows, all in the country (actually at my partner/producer Natalie Gustafson’s house in the suburbs of Connecticut but it looks like the country to me!).

The theme, as always, is getting dinner on the table during the work week, although we also taped a few special shows including Thanksgiving 101. I am alone for 13 shows and accompanied by guest chefs for the other 7, including Floyd Cardoz, Ming Tsai, and Elizabeth Karmel. We will launch the companion website on October 1st where you will be able to find all the recipes, as well as additional tips and useful information.

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5 Responses to Sara’s Weeknight Meals Season Two Schedule: Contact Your Local PBS If They Aren’t There!

  1. David DiCorpo says:

    Can’t wait. We all miss Sara!

  2. Greta Kahn says:

    SO very delighted that you’re back. REALLY MISSED YOU!

  3. Frank Pabon says:

    Dear Sara,
    I am delighted to see you have a new program, and also an opportunity for me to ask you about a recipe you did a while back while you were in the Food Network. You did a recipe of a Morocan soup which we did and it was fantastic. Unfortunately we lost the recipe.
    Could it be to much to ask if you were to send it to me. I am sure my wife will smile from ear to ear. That how good that recipe was.
    Frank Pabon

  4. Pat Brown says:

    Enjoy your shows . You recipes are so down to earth.

  5. Kay P. says:

    Dear Sara: Just going to repeat what David said. Thank goodness you’re back on TV. Love your recipes and “take” on healthy eating. Wish my skills were more of a match to yours, but I keep trying and learning. Again, YEA!!!

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