Join me on on Season 8 of my public television show Sara’s Weeknight Meals!


Want to be a guest on my tv show? We’re looking for home cooks – and wanna be cooks – to be on Season 8 of my public television show Sara’s Weeknight Meals. There are two possibilities for an appearance:

  1. If you have a recipe you’d like to share with our audience, and live in the New York- New Jersey-Connecticut area, or Northern California, please write to me at moulton@saramoulton.com.  Send the recipe, the story behind it and a photo of yourself.  If we pick you, I’ll come to your house sometime in April or May 2018, when you can share your recipe and culinary secrets with me and my public television audience, or . . .
  2. If you have a culinary conundrum you just can’t solve, I’ve got the answers on our ‘Ask Sara’ segment.  We’re looking for home cooks with questions about ingredients, techniques, and cooking problems you’d like me to solve.  If you’re picked, we’ll feature you on our ‘Ask Sara’ segment.  We’ll talk via SKYPE in April or May 2018 for broadcast on my show.

We can’t wait to hear from you!  Please get back to us before April 1, 2018  (no fooling!)




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