My buddy, Chef Rick Bayless, has started an online video subscription; you should sign up.

I bet you could use a few quick Mexican cooking classes to perk you up. My buddy, Chef Rick Bayless, one of the best teachers on the planet, has started an online video subscription as a way to raise money to pay for his workers.  You should sign up!

Here are more details from Rick about the classes:

Rick’s YouTube membership channel offers members-only access to brand-new recipe videos and live monthly cooking classes. There are two membership levels:

The “Live with Rick!” ($9.99/month) level offers access to live cooking sessions hosted at Rick’s home kitchen, live video chats and two all-new weekly cooking videos: “Kitchen Adventures” to step you through some of the classic and contemporary recipes in the Mexican kitchen, and the “Essential Salsas and Quick Bites” series to take you way beyond chips and salsa.

The Kitchen Club ($4.99/month) level offers access to all of the twice-weekly cooking video lessons.

All membership levels will get the occasional “Today’s Special” video, featuring things like tours of Rick’s garden, lessons in knife sharpening, tips for entertaining and so much more. Proceeds from channel memberships support salaries for our restaurant staff.


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