Here is a before and after shot of the miniature couch I found in my Mom’s dollhouse which I am renovating –

My brother- in- law, John Murphy, just retired from his very intense job as the President of Rhode Island Hospital, is quite the woodworker! (who knew?) When I asked if he could build a new leg, he jumped at this opportunity as well as other dollhouse related fixes. My sister said she couldn’t believe it when she came upon him, on the internet one morning, researching tiny door knobs… Now, I am going to have to consult my friend Ayesha at Schro’s Fine Miniatures, about what paint to use on that couch leg.

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  1. Dawn Casey says:

    Hi Sara! I’m Dawn Casey of Dawn’s Miniature Delights. I make miniatures for dollhouses, mostly flowers for the garden and hanging planters, holiday items and counted cross stitch pillows and stockings. I also have been giving 4 dollhouses (so far) which I have refurbished (if need be) and am trying to sell. I sell at shows and also on Etsy. (minidelights by dawn) so if you are interested in any of my items, please let me know and please tell your friends about me, I would greatly appreciate it!
    My father build me my first dollhouse in 1975 from scratch and I’m now on #7. Would be fun to see what else you are doing with your Mom’s dollhouse!

    Have a great night!

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