Where can I find Season 9 of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals”?

All of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” Season 9 is now available on the Sara’s Weeknight Meals page at youtube.com. The Season starts with Episode 901: Havana Weeknights. In it we kick off with a trip to Florida to dive into the best local home cooking in the Sunshine State. First up, Miami and its delicious Cuban food. I go on a culinary tour of Little Havana before joining a Cuban Abuela (grandmother) to make a traditional dish with fresh Florida shrimp. Then I learn how to prepare Vaca Frita, crispy fried onions and shredded chicken with a spicy mango salsa, with another Cuban American. Finally, it’s off to Key West with the king of that island’s cooking, Norman Van Aken. We make a Fish Stew layered with spicy flavors, and assemble a Key West version of pot luck, a salad composed of fruit picked from everyone’s backyard trees. With trips to Charleston, the Louisiana Bayou and Savannah, plus easy weeknight favorites from my own kitchen, it’s another season of discovery with me and America’s best weeknight cooks. To learn more about each Episode,  click on Sara’s Weeknight Meals.

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  1. Would like the peach tamale recipe

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