Episode 901: Havana Weeknights of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” has started airing across the country.

Season 9 of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” has started airing around the country with Episode 901: Havana Weeknights. Learn all about it here and check here to find out when it will air in your location. Lovers of Cuban food love Miami so my ninth season starts in the Magic City to sample the best of Little Havana on a walking tour that includes a bracing Cuban coffee, delicious empanadas, ice cream, stone crab and conch fritters and of course, mojitos. Then I cook with a Cuban Abuela who shares an old school recipe for Shrimp Enchilados. Finally, I’ll make a Zucchini in Cuban Style Cherry Tomato Sofrito with legendary Cuban chef and cookbook author, Maricel Presilla. Delicioso, and easy enough for a weeknight.

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