Watermelon Screwdriver

It’s summertime, the sun is blazing, and, if you’re lucky, you’re sitting on the beach or by the pool. But wherever you are, city or country, there’s one thing you want more than anything else: an ice-cold drink. This one fits the bill, especially if you take the trouble to…


Fresh Lemonade

This trio of summertime beverages can offer a time out from the latest heat wave. Try my Fresh Lemonade plain, with fresh berries, or crushed fresh mint. Special ice cubes intensify the flavor of my Watermelon Screwdriver and Frozen Café au Lait. The Fresh Lemonade recipe follows; you’ll find the…


Easy Eggnog

Traditional eggnog calls for raw eggs, and a lot fewer people are messing with raw eggs today, thanks to a minuscule but real risk of salmonella. Accordingly, revelers serving those in high-risk groups should heat eggnog’s basic ingredients–eggs, cream, and sugar–to 160°F and do it carefully, or the eggs will…


Deep Hot Chocolate

The most extraordinarily delicious hot chocolate I have ever consumed was served at a teahouse called Angelina’s near the Louvre in Paris. Dubbed chocolat africain, it was so rich you could nearly stand a spoon in it. I am not quite sure how they make it, but I suspect from…


Frozen Café au Lait

This is my homemade version of the frozen coffee drinks that have become hugely popular at the gourmet coffee franchises in the last few years. As lip-smackingly good as the commercial concoctions, mine is also much lower in calories because it doesn’t use cream or half-and-half and it isn’t loaded…