Watermelon Screwdriver

Watermelon ScrewdriverIt’s summertime, the sun is blazing, and, if you’re lucky, you’re sitting on the beach or by the pool. But wherever you are, city or country, there’s one thing you want more than anything else: an ice-cold drink. This one fits the bill, especially if you take the trouble to squeeze or buy fresh orange juice. What puts it over the top? The watermelon ice cubes. They melt slowly in your drink as you sip it down, flavoring and coloring your drink ever more intensely as you get to the bottom of the glass. How good is it? So good that you don’t even have to add the vodka.

Serves 4 to 6
1 pound cubed watermelon flesh, about 5 cups
1 quart orange juice, preferably fresh
3/4 cup vodka or to taste

Remove all the seeds from the watermelon and place in a blender. Blend the melon until liquid. Pour into an ice cube tray. Freeze until solid, at least 4 hours.

In a pitcher, combine the orange juice and vodka. Place 3 frozen watermelon cubes in each glass, pour in the orange juice mixture, and serve immediately.
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  1. Connie M Yost says:

    This sounded so good

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