French Onion Soup Burger

If you’re a fan of traditional French onion soup – and who isn’t? – you’re going to love this burger.  It’s kitted out with all of the ingredients that make the soup such a treasure – tender, browned onions, beef broth, red wine, Gruyere cheese, and French bread – and…


Beer Steamed Cheeseburgers

Det Burgers My first official cooking job was in the mid 70’s at a bar in Ann Arbor Michigan (where I went to college) called the Del Rio. The most famous item on the menu, invented by a bored cook one slow day, was a burger called the “Det Burger,”…


Seared Beef in Autumn Broth with Wasabi Cream

Makes 4 Servings Hands-on time: 15 minutes Total preparation time: 33 minutes This dish began as a variation on a French recipe called boeuf a la ficelle (literally “beef on a string), which requires the cook to tie a string around some filet mignon and lower it into a pot…