Season 12 of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” Starts Airing in October!

In Episode 5 I will be making Tagliatelle Con Crema di Parmigiana Passata, a very tasty pasta dish, with Chef Carlo Casoni in the region of Parma. Be on the lookout for my new season which starts airing on your local public tv station in October.

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One Response to Season 12 of “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” Starts Airing in October!

  1. Susan Cooke says:

    I’ve watched you for years ! Always wondered how old you were. I finally looked into it today and you are almost exactly two years younger than me ! I was born February 22,1950 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I lived for 30 years in Plainview, MN. then in Los Angles for nine years and now I’m back to my home town in Jewell, Iowa ! Anyway, keep up your good work ! I love to watch your show on Iowa Public Television ! And your hubby looks like he is a fun guy !! And, P.S. yours and my hair style and color are pretty much the same !! : )

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