Dave Pasternack

Very sad day! My favorite fisherman and chef buddy Dave Pasternack had to close his amazing restaurant, Esca, on west 43rd street, a casualty of the pandemic (and an uncooperative landlord). He was a trail blazer. His food will be sorely missed. Hopefully when the dust settles we will find him in a new location. Cross fingers.

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3 Responses to Dave Pasternack

  1. Don Domingo says:

    Hi Dave and Sara !

    Being an avid fisherman I love that picture of both of you ! I am sorry to hear about the closing of your restaurant Dave. Honestly I have never been to your restaurant but I have seen your menu online and got hungry just trying to imagine what that seafood with those ingredients and spices must taste like. I believe Sara posts your on her website not only because you two are friends but because your quality of talents as a chef and the end result your delicious meals are a really ” Big Deal ” I just wanted to wish you the very best on your next foodie adventure. And ” Please ” To both of you and your families be safe and healthy during Covid 19 ! Sincerely Don Domingo

  2. I am very sorry to hear this..the lock down is making us all crazy. Hope all works out well for you. Thank you for the response and recipes. Your fan, Jeanette

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