My latest article for the U of M alumni magazine introduces you to the folks who set up the NYC Queens Night Market and wrote the cookbook about it.

Here’s my latest article for the U of M alumni magazine – an interview with the folks who set up the NYC Queens Night Market and wrote the cookbook that celebrates it. There’s no market this year due to the pandemic, but you will get the flavor and recipes from the market in this terrific book.

Five years ago, John Wang, ’03, founded the Queens Night Market in New York City, a spring-through-fall, open-air food festival that celebrates the diversity and heritage of the borough. Open every Saturday evening, the market consists entirely of international food vendors. Though its sixth season remained postponed as of press time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can now prepare many of the dishes served at the market at home.

Wang, a former lawyer, co-wrote the cookbook “The World Eats Here” (The Experiment, 2020) with his wife, Storm Garner. The book includes recipes from 40 of the more than 90 countries represented at the market. It also includes stories behind each vendors’ culinary creations.

I recently reached out to John and Storm to learn more about the book, the market, and the help they gave during the height of the pandemic. Read the article here.

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