Mystery Solved!

People who saw these unusual tomatoes featured on my show when I was in Madremanya, near Barcelona, Spain have been reaching out like crazy to find out where they can get them, or the seeds to grow them, in the US. What makes these particular tomatoes so special? Well, they are the right choice for the iconic Spanish tapa, Pan Con Tomate (rustic bread smeared with raw tomato and olive oil), but also, they last for months and months, hung from a string. So, hooray!!  Kathy Dobrowolski, a very nice viewer of my show, did a little homework and unearthed this info regarding the amazing tomatoes. Check out this article. The article includes a source for the seeds in Northern Europe. If you live in the US, you will be able to order them from Heritage Seed Market.

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3 Responses to Mystery Solved!

  1. Bonnie C. says:

    Unfortunately, the source supplied for the seeds is located in the UK, & they specifically state that they do NOT ship to the U.S.

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