Join me on “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” Season 6 via skype. E-mail me today!

fpo_weeknight_mealsWould you like to join me on “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” via skype to ask your burning culinary question? Please email your question to sarasweeknightmeals@gmail.com along with a short bio, and contact info and we will let you know by early August if you will be joining me on the show via skype.

3 Responses to Join me on “Sara’s Weeknight Meals” Season 6 via skype. E-mail me today!

  1. I am just a husband who likes to cook and loves your show.

  2. Karen Stefanski says:

    Please know that what you called “kielbasa” on your show was so far from the real thing. I’ve never, in all my life seen pink-orange kielbasa. Next time please show the REAL thing.

    • moulton says:

      As I think I mentioned on the show, the kind I like to buy is from a guy who makes it near my parent’s farmhouse in Massachusetts, but for this segment we had to use kielbasa from the supermarket. Do you have a good mail order source?

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