Maple Syrup: What is Grade B Maple Syrup?

syrupMarilyn e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink that she has a recipe that calls for Grade B Maple Syrup and wonders if she can substitute Grade A Maple Syrup as her supermarkets don’t have Grade B. Most maple recipes these days do call for Grade B Maple Syrup because this (usually late-season) syrup delivers a lot more Maple Flavor than the lighter Grade A Syrup and is really worth hunting for. This explains what causes that difference. Maple Syrup regulations vary by states in the U.S. and are also different in Canada where a lot of our maple syrup comes from. In some production areas it is labeled Dark rather than Grade B and in some it can only be sold at the farm where it is produced, but in all markets the best way to identify Grade B syrup is by its deep color. If it isn’t available in your area, you can purchase it by mail at White Meadows Farms, Vermont Country Store, and Coombs Family Farms.
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