Sara's Kitchen Revelations: The Ultimate Drink Enhancer – Flavored Ice Cubes

summer drinks

You can freeze anything in an ice cube tray

my favorite ice cube tray

and then float it in a drink.

Fruit is an excellent candidate, any kind, pureed and strained (optional – I don’t mind seeds) will make a lovely addition to a summer drink. Or herbal or regular tea.

Strawberry Hibiscus Tea, Cantaloupe and Watermelon Cubes

They can be added to water, sparkling water, any juice or fresh lemonade


OJ and Watermelon, Seltzer and Hibiscus Tea, and Fresh Lemonade with Cantaloupe Cubes

If you want to make it an adult beverage you even top it off with a little vodka, rum or gin. Doesn’t a watermelon screwdriver sound good?



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