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poached egg on asparagus

I just started taking a blog writing class by Steven Shaw at the International Culinary Center (formally, the French Culinary Institute) – I was going to sit in on the first class to see what it was all about because I might be teaching another media class at the school, but in the two and a half hours I was there I decided, this is it, I must take this blogging thing more seriously, I must learn how to use a camera better, I must write often and only about burning kitchen issues.

Steven pointed out to the class that considering the zillion other blog writers out there it might be a good idea to narrow down our blog focus. I am always discovering new little things in the kitchen so I thought okay, that will be my focus – My kitchen revelations.

As proof that I was actually at the ICC here is a photo of the delicious appetizer I had that night after the class at L’Ecole, the restaurant attached to the school – asparagus with a perfectly poached egg on top.

And as it turns out this dish was a kitchen revelation because those crispy little items you see strewn around and on top of the asparagus are something I have always thrown out – asparagus peelings! Who knew you could actually cook them and make them taste good. I should have known that the universal method of making anything delicious would apply here – batter and fry them. ANYTHING battered and especially fried tastes good.

So, as I have learned – save the asparagus scaps. and consider saving every other tough vegetable scrap, broccoli, carrot, parsnip, turnip, etc.  for the same delightful preparation – battered and fried.



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  1. Peter F Esposito Jr says:

    Pleased to receive your now current mode of communication! I remain a fan for Life!

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