Gourmet Magazine is Back in a New Form

Gourmet Quick Kitchen MagazineLast week I received this email from Kemp Minifie who was the director of the food department at Gourmet for many years before it shut down. And prior to becoming the director she worked in the test kitchen. I felt bad for myself when the magazine shut down because I had racked up 25 years but Kempy had put in 32!

Dear Family and Friends,

In case you haven’t seen it on the newsstands or read about it online, Gourmet Quick Kitchen, the first of 3 bookazines of Gourmet recipes selected from the archives, is out and about and will be available for the next 3 months at good newsstands and supermarkets and stores such as Whole Foods and Target. (Costco the next time around.)  The second one is supposed to come out in February,  2011.

Because I worked in the food department at Gourmet for 32 years, Conde Nast hired me (freelance gig) to help select the recipes, but I was the only one from Gourmet. They assembled a small but wonderful team (5 others) and we had a great time putting this issue together.  All were huge fans of the magazine, but they brought their own perspectives to the project.  It was a truly fascinating process.

I’m proud of what we produced. Even though the recipes & photos were from the archives (we were confined to Oct 02-Nov 09), I think they look really fresh, appealing, and approachable in this slimmer, photogenic format.

Please forward this email around to those of your friends and family who loved Gourmet. I think they’ll really like it.

If you don’t see Gourmet Quick Kitchen at a likely outlet, ask for it.  And, if it turns out that it’s hidden, would you mind repositioning it in a more prominent spot? Many thanks!

I’ve attached a link to the Epicurious review, which will give you a picture of the cover and an idea of the branding plans CNP has for Gourmet. “Gourmet Live”, an app, is due out any day but I’m not involved in that. CNP farmed it out to another company altogether. I’m really curious to see how that turns out!


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