Ruth Moulton's Spice Balls

The holiday season always reminds me of these cookies, one of my favorites from Sara Moulton Cooks at Home. Just the aroma of these spicy cookies in the oven will bring the family to the kitchen. My sister Anne is the baker in our family. Even now, as a doctor…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – You can bake a cake at 10,000 feet

I am not much of a baker but I certainly would not bother at all if I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico or McCall Idaho, that is unless I owned this book: It is written by one of my most trusted baking experts, Susan Purdy, who spent years testing…


Jelly Egg Cookies

Each spring I get requests for my Jelly Egg Cookie recipe; it is a perfect showcase for fresh unsweetened coconut and a good make-ahead dessert for Easter. Add some raisins and forget the jelly eggs and they are a good lunchbox treat all year round. 1/2 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted…


Cookies: Why do cookies deflate after baking?

Pam recently e-mailed the Kitchenshrink with several questions. With the help of my friend Jean Anderson, I answered one last week and Jean and I will take on the second this week, “Why do cookies deflate when you take them from the oven.  Especially chocolate chip?” My thought was that…


Raspberry Almond Rugalach

To get an idea about what rugelach means to a certain generation of Jewish Americans, there’s no better guide than Philip Roth. American Pastoral, his 1997 novel, begins with a reunion of the Weequahic (New Jersey) High School’s 1950 graduating class. At the end of the evening, everyone is given…


Baking: How can I get my cookies to brown evenly?

Sharon e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink that her cookies always get dark on the bottom before the top begins to brown. She wondered what she can do to get them to bake evenly. There are several things that affect the way cookies brown. The best way to get them to brown…