chicken soup

Chicken Soup: How can I get more flavor in my chicken soup?

I recently got an e-mail from David who said “I am making chicken soup for my picky eaters, and . . . . the soup has little chicken flavor and no yellow color. . . . how can I get more chicken flavor and a pleasing yellow color in my…


Gingery Chicken Broth with Wonton Ravioli

This soup combines two of my favorite recipes—Eileen Yin Fei Lo’s gingery Chinese chicken broth and Jacques Pépin’s chicken breast stuffing—with one of my favorite techniques, wonton as ravioli. Eileen introduced me to Chinese-style chicken broth when she appeared on my show to make recipes from her book The Chinese Way.…


Green Posole with Chicken

Makes 4 to 6 servings Hands-on time: 25 minutes Total preparation time: 30 minutes Posole is a hearty soup from the Jalisco region of Mexico that is traditionally made with pork and hominy. Hominy is dried corn kernels from which the hulls and germs have been removed. (In its ground…


Chicken Stock

Makes about 8 cups Hands-on time: 10 minutes Total preparation time: 3 1/2 hours I understand that most people are going to reach for a can of chicken stock on a weeknight (and yes, let’s be honest, even on a weekend) but I am hoping that one weekend, when you…