Vacation news

Peking Duck!!!

Boy did we eat well at Thanksgiving – the usual yummy stuff, plus 4 new and very tasty pies, plus OMG —- Peking Duck!!!! Made by my nephew, Peter. The Husband was a happy camper. (The best part? I did not make any of it. )


Who Knew There Were Yellow Pumpkins?

When we were at my family’s farmhouse in mid October The Husband and I went to our favorite local farm stand and look what we found. Apparently they come in pink too!


How Do You Get a Non Gardener to Weed?

Well you get them some gardening gear of course! It is like any other hobby – it is all about the gear. My friend Betsy bought me two very attractive pairs of gardening gloves (which fit! she is a small person too so she gets it) and a tiny shovel.…


Summer Inventions: Pineapple Mocktail

When I was at the family farmhouse in July, my son’s girlfriend, Katu, came up with this lovely drink. She had already made an upside down pineapple cake and then used all the pineapple trimmings to create this concentrated pineapple elixir. She flavored it with sage and rosemary from the…