Fried Pizza? Oh Yes!!!!!

One of the places we visited when we were shooting Season 12 of Sara’s Weeknight Meals was Naples and what do you eat when you are in Naples? Pizza of course. It is the home of pizza. But, I had never tasted this fried version and I have to say…


Here is my Crazy Camera Crew in Rome

That is Natalie Gustafson, my producer partner on “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” sandwiched between Paolo on the left, Federico and then Simone on the the right. You do not see the rest of the team in the this photo: Mario and Malou, who are setting up the shot. Oh, how I…


Snapshots From My Travels: Corsica

Here is the view walking along the edge of the sea in Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, a French island in the Mediterranean and the birthplace of Napoleon. The water is so many colors of blue! Corsica is the fourth largest island (after Sicily, Sardinia, and Cyprus) in the Mediterranean. It lies…