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How to plan, purchase, prepare, and present Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner is America’s favorite feast and as cooks ranging from experienced to first-timers head for kitchens across the country many questions arrive in my e-mail. With that thought in mind, I included a whole episode in Season Two of my show about Thanksgiving (you’ll find it just below); here…


Green Tomatoes: What can I make with the green tomatoes I just harvested?

Each year as the weather in the northern states gets chilly, I get requests for green tomato recipes. As I learned a few years ago when the first frost threatens gardeners harvest all the tomatoes even though some are green. Some traditional ways to use up all those green tomatoes…


Brunch: Can you suggest an easy brunch recipe that will please a variety of tastes?

Toni e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink that she was planning a brunch for a friend’s wedding shower and needed an easy main dish that would satisfy both vegetarians and meat lovers. One of my favorite dishes to serve for a company brunch is a strata because it can be assembled the…


Vegetables: Can you suggest some good vegetable main dishes?

Mary Elizabeth e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink saying that she always had a hard time finding good meatless meals to cook during Lent and would love to have some suggestions. Although I enjoy cooking and serving vegetable main dishes all year long, I get most of my requests for vegetarian entrees…