Episode 309

In Episode 309, I raid the pantry to make three quick dinners.

Though some of us imagine that the pantry went out with the hoop skirt, most of us keep a steady supply of dry goods somewhere in the kitchen. When I talk about a pantry I mean not only the dried goods in your cupboard, but the vegetables you keep in…


Waffles Eggs Benedict

Have you ever had some leftover salad greens in the fridge (not enough for a full salad) and wondered what to do with them? You can saute them and add them to the spinach for the green part of this eggs benedict. You could double up on the bacon and…


Nacho Pie

Everyone loves nachos, but I wondered how to transform this all-American barroom staple made of tacos and melted cheese into a respectable (and less fattening) dinner entrée.  Here’s how:  Use the nachos as a pie crust and cut back on the cheese in favor of bell peppers, corn, onions, and…


Linguini with White Bean, Roasted Red Pepper and Olive Sauce

White beans become very creamy when you mash them a bit so it is easy to turn them into instant sauce for pasta. I have “beefed” up the sauce with roasted red peppers and olives from the pantry but you could add any other handy pantry items such as marinated…