Episode 303

Episode 303 of Sara’s Weeknight Meals takes me back to Philly!

“Philly Style,” episode 303 of Sara’s Weeknight Meals  starts airing this week. I‘ll be shopping at the old Italian market with local boy celebrity chef Marc Vetri and then making two of his signature dishes with him back at my kitchen – Sal’s Old School Meatballs, and Spaghetti in Parchment…


Sal’s Old School Meatballs

Note from Marc: My father instilled three things in me: (1) Always work for yourself—no matter what, be the boss; (2) Always have integrity—you are only as good as your word; (3) Always use veal, pork, and beef in meatballs. Life really is that simple! Makes about sixty 1-ounce meatballs…


Spaghetti In Parchment with Clams and Scallions

Note from Marc: The pasta in this dish cooks twice, so be sure to undercook it when you first boil it. Then when it bakes in the parchment, it will absorb all the briny, garlicky, wine-soaked, chile-flecked juices from the seafood. That’s how you create flavor! It also helps to…