Kitchen Shrink: Is there a way to save lemon rinds after squeezing out the juice?

65571638 - lemon zest

65571638 – lemon zest

I recently received an e-mail from Elsie asking, “Is there a way to save lemon rinds after squeezing out the juice . . . .  I hate tossing those beautiful lemon shells.” I put on my Kitchen Shrink apron and thought of lots of ways empty lemon shells could have a new life. It is always easier to grate, zest, or peel off strips of lemon rind before you juice the lemon, and any of those options are good ways to use the rinds. Grated or zested lemon rind can be frozen and used in any recipe that calls for fresh. If you take the rind off with a peeler, you can freeze the strips (straight or curled) then add them, still frozen, to a cold beverage. To make useful little bowls, scoop out all the pulp, wrap and freeze the half shells, then use them to hold individual servings of salsa or tartar sauce, or fill them with fruit ice or ice cream.

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