Day Four; we are in Perouges.

Lace Curtains in one of the homes

Lace Curtains in One of the Homes

garlic soup on the boat

Garlic Soup on the Ship

Yesterday, after a quick walk in Lyon in search of cough drops for The Husband (he’s fighting a cold, poor guy), we came back to the ship for lunch.  The centerpiece was the most delicious garlic soup. It was garnished with chopped hard-cooked egg white and caramelized garlic chips.  It was not only good, it was good for ya – the perfect dish for someone battling a cold. (The food on this boat is uniformly excellent!)

the narrow streets of Perouges

The Narrow Streets of Perouges

looking into one of the cafes

Looking Into One of the Cafes

In the afternoon, we left the ship for a bus trip to Perouges, a medieval stone village set high atop a little mountain.  France has officially designated it one of the most beautiful villages in the country, and who were we to argue?  It’s beauty aside, there’s certainly no knocking its durability.  Both the streets and the buildings were made of stone some 700 years ago.  It’s the kind of place filmmakers go to remake “The Three Musketeers,” the action of which begins in 1625, because there’s no need to build a set.


Stone Buildings in Perouges

I did wonder, though, what Perouges’ everyday citizens do for a living.  Some of them depend on tourists like us, working at the town’s few cafes and gift shops.  Some are artists.  All of us enjoyed a slice or two of the local specialty – galette de Perouges.  It looks like a pizza – thin and round – but it’s sweet, not savory.  The dough is rich and buttery, and it’s topped off with sugar and spices.  I was inspired, I must say.  Made me think I should try a version with some kind of fruit, maybe apricots.  Celine, our guide, was terrific.  I never knew until I heard her speak that I was so interested in ancient stones.  Now I’m ready to move to Perouges (at least for a month).  It is so charming.


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