Onions and Garlic: What does a medium onion or a medium garlic clove measure when chopped?

Onions and GarlicLinda recently e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink to ask, “when a recipe calls for a medium onion, chopped, or a clove of garlic, chopped, what do they measure in standard measuring cups and spoons?” What a good question! Not everyone’s idea of medium is the same. When I wrote my second cookbook, I picked out several onions that seemed to me to qualify as medium and chopped and measured them. Because they are natural products, each came out measuring a slightly different amount but I felt that all were close enough to 1 cup to use “about 1 cup” for a medium chopped onion. Thinly sliced onion measures about the same. I did the same thing with garlic cloves and figured that “about 1 teaspoon” was the measurement I would use for 1 garlic clove.¬†Again, since they are natural products, you will get slightly different amounts but unless it differs greatly from the amount you want, ¬†just go ahead and use whatever you get.

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