Cookie Dough: Are all cookie doughs freezer friendly?

Liisa recently e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink to ask “are all cookie doughs freezer friendly?” What a good question. It is so convenient to have already prepared cookie dough in the freezer so you can have freshly baked cookies on the table at a moment’s notice. All butter cookie doughs freeze well. That includes drop cookies, rolled cookies, pressed cookies, and refrigerator (icebox) cookies. Meringue or sponge cookie doughs or batters made with beaten egg whites don’t freeze at all. Coconut kiss and Florentine batters don’t freeze well and bar cookies that are made with a thin batter aren’t very successful either. Brownie batter can be frozen but it is best to freeze it in the pan in which it will be baked and pop it into the oven still frozen. For best results use your frozen cookie doughs within 2 months.

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