Sara's Kitchen Revelations: Milk is the Great Deodorizer

Love fish but wish it didn’t smell quite so fishy? And how about gamey venison or livery calves liver? How do you turn that assertive aroma and taste down a tiny notch?

hooray for milk

Soak that strong tasting ingredient in milk! I learned this years ago when I worked at a 3 star (NY Times awarded) restaurant  on 13th street, here in Manhattan called La Tulipe. We routinely soaked fish, shellfish including soft shell crabs and scallops, calves liver and venison tenderloin steaks for hours before cooking. I guarantee you, it works.

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3 Responses to Sara's Kitchen Revelations: Milk is the Great Deodorizer

  1. John C. Campbell III says:

    When my wife and I first got together, there were many foods she wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Particularly liver. I soaked mine in whole milk overnight and at the same time added some meat tenderizer to the zip lock it was soaking in. It completely converted her. jccampb

  2. Hi Sara – thanks a ton for this revelation. Now I know how to make fish that does not smell. What is the minimum time one has to soak the food in milk? E.g., if I were to make your “Fried” catfish BLT, is 10 min enough for soaking? Thanks.

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