Peppermills: All About My Peppermills

I have recently gotten more e-mails asking, “Who made your peppermills and where can I get one?” My  peppermills were made for me by an octogenarian woodworker named Pinky Martin. When Oprah invited me to come on her show to give one of the peppermills to a viewer, Pinky got so many orders that he closed his waiting list. He is still working on that list but has promised to let me know when he is ready to accept orders again so I can post his e-mail address on this web site.

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29 Responses to Peppermills: All About My Peppermills

  1. SHIRLEY says:


  2. Kathleen Gavigan says:

    Any chance he might be taking orders for the peppermills again soon? I have been checking off and on for years. I have also looked elsewhere and can not find anything as beautiful.

    Thanks so much,

    Kathy Gavigan

  3. Susan says:

    WOW…I remember seeing your peppermill 15 (!) years ago and wanting one. Finally…I can find its source and other handmade ones online 15 years later! 🙂 You worked with my son Zach at Astor in NYC…thanks for the autographed cookbook! I miss your nightly show on FoodTV (remeber that?) Thats where I saw the peppermill.

    • Sara Moulton says:

      They are a thing of beauty aren’t they and the story behind them is so lovely. meanwhile, I hope you have checked out my new show – “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” on PBS?

  4. Elsie settro says:

    I would love to have the beautiful peppermill

    T. Y. For your effort love you Shows

    Have watched you from the beginning you are a great lady

    • moulton says:

      Alas, the peppermills are no longer for sale. For many years, when I was on the food network, a fan of mine, who called himself Pinky (used to be a red head when he was young), made those mills and sent them to me. We introduced the audience to them and he started making them for sale, although he never made any money because they were so labor intensive. Finally he got to old to do that anymore.

  5. Andy weber says:

    Do you have any idea what the current value of Pinky Martin Pepper Mills are. I have several S/N s
    1550 1270 1578 and two others

  6. Would love one of those pepper mills.

  7. Erin Pietsch says:

    Want to get pepper grinder for my husband and my 26th anniversary.

  8. Elena Caballero says:

    I love your show and I would like to know the price of your peppermill .Gracias.

  9. Michael Muller says:

    Hello Sara, I have followed you for years. Especially on PBS. I a 30 year Navy Veteran. I graduated from the CIA in New York. I was a Chef in the Navy. I would love one of your pepper mills. Is there any way you can help me out with this?

  10. Kathy Smith says:

    I really want to purchase one of those beautiful pepper mills that you have on your TV show

  11. Lynn Ostroff says:

    Interested in purchasing asap. I would love to surprise my husband for his birthday! Please let me how to purchase. Thank you.

  12. Patricia Sheehan says:

    You are a treasure!!

  13. Pamela Johnson says:

    I used to watch Sara Moulton on her cooking show. I would always see the beautiful Peppermills.

    I would love to have one of the Peppermills, for myself. How and when can I get one and what is the cost?

    • moulton says:

      Alas the gentleman who made those peppermills for me is no longer with us. His name was Pinky Martin. I am afraid I cannot help you.

  14. Elena Caballero says:

    Hi Sara,wondering if I can ORDER your peppermill, or let me know where I can get it.Thanks again.
    P.S I really love your show.

  15. Pamela James says:

    Would love to be on the list to purchase one of Pinky Martin’s pepper mills.

  16. Dana says:

    I have a Pinky Martin peppermill! I was hoping you could tell me if there’s anyway (anyone) you know of to provide service? The mechanism in the mill needs some TLC and we’re not sure how to accomplish this. It’s so wonderful – we want to keep using it! Thank you in advance if you can help us.

    • Sara Moulton says:

      Hmmm, Dana, Alas I don’t know. However if you find someone who can fix it, let me know so I can have that handy for other folks.

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