Recipes: How to find the recipes from my show.

Hunting for the recipes from my TV show, Sara’s Weeknight Meals? I still get lots of e-mails asking for the recipes from my show and wanted to let you know that they are all right on this site 24/7. Just select “Shows” in the menu under the title at the top of the home page, that will take you to the “Shows” page. Click on “visit Sara’s Weeknight Meals” then select the Episode you want from either the box on the right or the list that includes descriptions of the show. The Recipes will appear along with Cooking Tips and information about the Tools and Ingredients used on the show.

You can also get there by going to the box entitled “Sara’s New Show/ Sara’s Weeknight Meals” on the right side of the home page, click on “view Sara’s Weeknight Meals” at the bottom of the box, this will take you to  the “Shows” page where you will click on  “visit Sara’s Weeknight Meals” and then select the Episode you want from the page that appears.

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135 Responses to Recipes: How to find the recipes from my show.

  1. I was watching one of your shows on cooking pork chops and now I cannot find it on the internet. Please help.
    Rosalie waldon.

    • Jeannie says:

      Would like recipe for the soup shown on 9_14_16 Thank U

      • moulton says:

        The show airs at different times around the country so I am not sure what soup you are referring to. Can you give me more details?

    • j d. hofherr says:

      Requesting the recipe for salad made in show where a chef from Philadelphia made lamb roast. The salad had red onions marinated in rice wine vinegar, then over water cress leaves. Isn’ t there more that I need to know?
      Thank you. Hope you can help.

  2. Jinx Bailey says:

    Darn, looked through your new schedule and Reno, Nv is not there. I moved here, Carson City, from Dallas, TX last year and it’s like living still in the covered wagons days, Carson is so far behind it is unreal. So, guess I’ll keep going on line to get your excellent recipes. I could hardly wait until Sat in Dallas on Channel 13, KERA, to watch your show. EXCELLENT! I live alone so always have to cut the recipes way down but that’s ok, they still come out good!

  3. Love your cooking style.

  4. Catherine thomas says:

    Please send me your recipe from sunday, June 12th

    • moulton says:

      I need more details because the same show does not air at the same time around the country. Do you remember the title of the recipe? or what ingredients were in it?

  5. Gae Borland says:

    Please send me your recipe for Jean Anderson’s Fried Chicken Creamed corn and Mustard Greens

  6. Michael Smith says:

    I watched your show today 6/13/2016 on channel 320 create TV 5:00pm or 5:30pm and you were cooking prosciutto wrapped scallops, been looking every where on the internet for your recipe..please help me out, thank you

  7. Therese says:

    Watched your show, Tuesday January 10 2017. Amanda Coulten maybe her name was on with you. I loved her meals vegetarian style. Please help me to find her.

  8. Nancy says:

    I’ve been searching for your chicken chili recipe. I believe it was on your 5-ingredient show.
    Thank you.

  9. I am looking for the Brazilian recipe with chicken, shrimp,peanuts and coconut milk

  10. Bonnie says:

    Looking for the steak receipe she made for her brother the judge. I missed the beginning .

  11. Teresa Lovic says:

    Hoping to find the Chili sandwich you made on the show.

    • moulton says:

      Can you give me a few more details about it?


      • Lyn says:

        Hi Sara,

        I need the recipe :

        Ingredients : peas; potatoes, onions etc..You have 2 African American visitors. Thank you.

      • moulton says:

        Lyn, alas I need more details than that to figure out what recipe it was. Please try to remember more and share that with me. thanks!

  12. Mary Guzik says:

    April 29, 2017 I watched your show on GA PBS. I would like the recipe for your pie crust and the BLT Pie. Thanks so much.

  13. Cynthia Thompson says:

    Love your show! Wanted to know where to find your jumbo board scraper.
    Many Thanks!

  14. Phyllis Riffe says:

    You had an episode with a Savannah Junior League member and she with you made an apple dessert from the Junior League Cookbook. I cannot find it on any of your sites. Can you help?

  15. Frieda Naber says:

    Sara you made homemade ricotta on 1 of your shows. Could you send the recipe to me.

  16. Caroline T says:

    I would love your recipe for Double Smokey Chowder. It aired October 7th. You put in smoked Salmon. You said you wished we could smell it. I wanted to taste it. LOL

  17. Pat Beary says:

    I am trying to get your recipes from your show on Thanksgiving 101 which showed this Sunday 11/12/17

  18. Monta Brown says:

    Hi, you had your Dad on you show and he helped you make a side dish . I wish I could remember it . I did make and it was a hit at the holidays.
    Now I can’t remember the recipe But I believe it had a lot of sliced onions in it. Ring a bell? I hope you can dig in the archives and find it.
    Thank you for your time.
    Monta Brown

  19. nicole Reinbold says:

    I was watching on 01 13 2018 and i would like your recipe for salad dressing you used on iceberg lettuce. Merci beaucoup

    • moulton says:

      Nicole, what else did I make on that show? or do you remember what I said about the dressing? I need more info to get you that recipe.

  20. Gloria Beaton says:

    Saw your “Ask Sara” show w/your son and remembered your long-ago Cooking Live Show (so sorry it ended). Remembered your son as a little tyke; couldn’t believe that tall man was him; also remembered you named your daughter “your sweetpea” (so sweet). Looking forward to your cooking advice. Thanks.

  21. Allen Neuhauser says:

    Saw Picadillo episode today from 11/10/18.. Great!

  22. Lucia Ayabarreno says:

    Hi Sara, many years ago you had an African-American lady, I believe from the south and she made the most delicious peach cobbler. I wrote the recipe down and made it several times. Now I can’t find it and my peach cobbler does not taste the same. I hope you can find it without the date. Thanks

  23. The owner of the restaurant Balaboosta in NYC prepared an eggplant casserole with lamb and beef. Could you please send the recipe to me. Love you.

  24. Richard Billy says:

    I have been trying to find and print your recipe for Brisket with Matzoh Ball Dumplings and am having no success.

  25. Hello ! I’m interested in finding a recipe of Smoked Trout Chowder . I saw it on WTTW Chicago on Saturday afternoon about 2:30 pm on 31/MAR/2019 .

    I was watching and by the end I thought , I should have taken notes !

    Mr. Carlos Navarro

    Community Leader

  26. Dennis Sfeir says:

    Love the show. I would like the recipes for the middeeastern recipes shown on 4/13/19 on wned tv Buffalo NY @ 1:00pm


  27. Debbie says:

    I would like to have your middle eastern shepherds pie recipe please

  28. Nancy says:

    guest chef made sandwich with marinated tofu. what was the marinde recipe. i think it had kimchee, too. or maybe it was the food truck show.

  29. diane linuzzi says:

    Sara: Would love to have your own recipe for tartar sauce. Many thanks., DL

  30. I love your show that comes on, on Sunday’s. I watch it ever Sunday i can. I was watching this today 5/27/2019 but can’t find the recipes for that show. you fixed chicken in the oven. You made a hot sauce with hot peppers,garlic,salt,pepper, and i don’t know how to spell the other one. But you also made natcho’s with cheese over it and baked for 10 minutes on 400. I can’t remember the rest. Please help me.

  31. Judy says:

    Hi Sara:
    Love your shows down here in Orlando. Last night you were cooking with pesto. You made a broccoli-pesto. I can’t find the recipe. Could I have the link? I always seem to have a bunch of broccoli in the fridge. This would be a good way for me to use it before it goes bad. And do you think I could make it with walnuts? I have a bunch of those in the freezer leftover from Christmas. What do you think? Thanks Sara.

  32. Becky says:

    Love ur shows.
    Would love ur recipe for Steak Salad. The show as on air January 31 I think. I might be off one day but I think it was on Saturday.

  33. Joline Landry says:

    I would very much appreciate the recipe you made with the owner of the Balaboosta restaurant that I watched today on May 16th. 2020. This recipe was a baked dish using eggplant, tomatoes and mince meat bake with a white sauce. I hope you can guide me to a site or to the listing of recipes
    Thank you …Joline

    Love your show and the recipes are all so interesting.

  34. Bill Hester says:

    Going to try all of them, they look so good, & have a Merry Christmas. thanks.

  35. Tonilyn Apple says:

    Would love to get the spaghetti pizza recipe

  36. Suzanne says:

    Making scallops wrapped in bacon. On tv they were cooked on grill.
    Using oven, is there any precooking required? I have had scallops slightly raw if wrapped in uncooked bacon. Help!

  37. gloria gibson says:

    looking for an egg/bacon/goat cheese/ broccoli recipe. First time watching your cooking show interesting. Thank you.

  38. Miranda Powell says:

    I love your show I watch it all the time

  39. Eileen Franco says:

    Looking for dessert at the church with the apples love the program

  40. Kerry Durkee says:

    Love to have your recipes

    • moulton says:

      If you click on the little looking glass at the top of the home page and type in the main ingredient of the recipe you want, the recipe should pop right up.

  41. toni pontello says:

    cooking in tuscany italy

  42. catherine says:

    summer squash soup

  43. Jane Palermo says:

    Looking for recipe for rack of lamb 414H

  44. Samuel says:

    I was watching your show yesterday evening (2/23/21) and you had a segment
    on how to make a quick chicken broth. Can you forward that to me?

  45. Cindy Foster says:

    Hi! Do you know where I can find recipes from “Cooking Live” show? Cajun Chicken Pasta or Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta. Thank you!


    • moulton says:

      Oh Cindy, I did so many shows for cooking live and alas, I did not keep a file of recipes. However, there is a good chance those recipes came from gourmet magazine and you might be able to find them on epicurious.com.

  46. I would like the recipe for beef brisket, that Sara’s brother did. This would be an episode before 2013. That is the best I can do on when it was on crest tv. Thank you.

  47. Debra Williams says:

    Looking for the recipes for sept. 29, 2021 show at 2pm .

  48. Sheila Wansink says:

    Where is the new season 10?

  49. Hi Sara,
    Watch your show as often as possible. I have watched you even when you were on with Julia Child. Seems so many years ago. If possible could you let me know how to get the recipes from the show you had with Chef Joey Campanaro showing chicken legs roasted in salad dressing and a recipe for lamb rack or chops. I waited with pencil in hand watching at the end of the show for a show number so I could bring it up on the computer, but a show number never came up. Would certainly appreciate any help you can give me. Thanking you in advance.
    Andrea Tenges

  50. Nancy Swaninger says:

    New Orleans recipe for Jambalaya with a visiting chef. Thank You

  51. jackie bick says:

    Pickled Lemons

  52. Maureen Grieco says:

    On Wednesday 10/27/21, on Channel 8, NYC/NJ/CT area, I just turned on the station when you were creating a recipe with the following items as I recall but there may have been more. Linguini, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, fresh sage, cannelini beans and 1/2 c. of parmesan cheese.
    Unfortunately I didn’t catch the entire recipe, and I would appreciate if you can send the recipe to me.

  53. Janef Stuppi says:

    Love those wontons

  54. Margo Stark Ivary says:

    Would like to be on your computer mailing list. Just saw “Books and Cooks Club” show. Want everything. Am 88.7 years old, my eyesight is going, but still cooking every meal. Am always looking for new recipes.
    Thank you, in advance.

    • moulton says:

      Right now I am not sending out much to my mailing list but if you are having a hard time accessing my recipes let me know and I can make sure that I send them to you every week. Good for you for cooking all your meals. It is much healthier than eating commercially prepared food and much more fun!

  55. Susan Marrello says:

    I am trying to find the recipe you used on October 31st. I believe your brother was in the show as well.

  56. John Bozeman says:

    Just want to try some of your Common Sense meals.

  57. Margo Ramsey says:

    Love Sara’s recipes!

    She is such a wonderful cook to watch and always seems to be having a great time!

  58. Mabel Ann Murray-Moss says:

    Was trying to find the clam pasta dish from your show on 11-27-2021. Please send me instructions how to find it. Thanks!

  59. Patti Alston says:

    I would like the chicken corn and greens recipe Thanks

  60. KA Peterson says:

    looking for the recipe featuring Cuban cooking from South Florida aired on tv in Minneapolis 1/15

  61. Stella Gotts says:

    I would like the receipt for the Chinese salad from the01/15/22 on PBS

    • moulton says:

      Stella, can you give me more details about the recipe? Different episodes air in different times at different places so the date will not help me find it.

  62. what if I don’t know the episode number?

  63. Gloria says:

    need recipe for apple cranberry pie S. 10 episode 6

  64. Helen Olson says:

    Love you show and receipts!

  65. Lola Thompson says:

    I am interested in Sara’s vegetarian recipes

  66. Frances Read says:

    I would like the Turkey Burger and Feta cheese recipe you showed on your show
    on February 4, 2022.

  67. christopher vasi says:

    ham and cheese souffle

  68. barbara mietlicki says:

    I need the recipes for saras weeknite menus

    • moulton says:

      at the top of the home page in the grey bar on the right is a looking glass. Click on the glass and type in the name of the recipe you are looking for. You should be able to find it easily that way.

  69. Edward Haverlah says:

    Just saw your show for first time and would love to try some of your recipes!! Thanks!!

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