My New Super Blender

My Vitamix Blender:

For years I have wondered about the vitamix blender and whether it was really as fantastic as advertised. It appeared from the all the hype that the machine was so tough, so virile, you could throw a moose in there with a few ice cubes and make a moose shake, no muss no fuss. I marveled about how all these high profile chefs, such as Jean Louis Palladin and Gale Gand seemed to literally embrace the machine in full page magazine ads while clad only in their birthday suits. (Of course the machine, being the big machine that it was, covered all the relevant body parts). I marveled even more when I found out that these aforementioned famous chefs got paid exactly $0 for their pin up pose. All they got was a free machine!!

But recently I have become the proud owner of a vitamix machine and after a few pureed soup and vegetable juice experiments, I have to admit, I have become a member of the fan club. Now, I’ve always maintained that you need a blender, a full out blender, not an immersion blender or a food processor, to make a soup or smoothie with the perfect creamy texture. However, I had no idea just how much you could do with a power horse blender like the vitamix.

I was so impressed with my little experiments that I broke down and actually watched the instructional dvd to see what else I could do with this super machine.

First of all, when you make juice, you add the whole vegetable – the tomato with the skin and the seeds, etc, and the machine still grinds it up into a smooth drink. Not only do you cut down on prep time you also get all the nutritional benefits of the whole vegetable.  You can make your own nut butters, grind grains into flours, make soft ice cream and bread and, this one really got me, hot soup!! I mean you“cook” it in the machine (in case you are wondering, this happens from the friction of the blending and by the way you don’t start with all raw ingredients).

So, I have my work cut out for me. I am going to try all of these new found uses for the blender. Many of them are especially appropriate for the 100 degree weather we are experiencing here in my home town.  And besides, the husband has said he is interested in an all juice diet for lunch.  We’ll see how long that lasts…

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2 Responses to My New Super Blender

  1. TomM says:

    Interesting. Which model?

  2. Susan Shonk says:

    Great review and just in time for me to look at new blenders….I always want kitchen gadgets for any gift -giving holiday….I think it’s a genetic defect!

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