Gravy: How can I make lump-free gravy?

Each year around the holidays I get lots of questions about making gravy.

There are many ways to make smooth gravy, but the easy one that I learned from my grandmother is to reach for the instantized flour (Wondra.) It can be whisked into either hot or cold broth and dissolves easily making a smooth gravy.  It also makes a good coating for fried foods. I have no personal interest in the company but the flour has been in my family’s kitchens for three generations.  And, no matter how you make your gravy, if lumps appear, just pour the gravy through a large strainer and no one will know.

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2 Responses to Gravy: How can I make lump-free gravy?

  1. Kathleen F. McClain says:

    I’ve lost my recipes of BISCUITS & GRAVY that I copied before. My sister Robyn loves it. I would appreciate it.
    Thank you

    • moulton says:

      Kathleen, if this was a recipe of mine, can you give me more details? I mean where did you see it?

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