Being Left Handed

I get a lot of questions about being left handed and how it affects the way I do things. Actually, it doesn’t affect me at all. There are several inconveniences I have to suffer of course because this is a right handed world. Every time I have to sign one of those charge it machines at the supermarket the pen is on the wrong side and it is a tad awkward. Ditto day planners and journals where the center fasteners are always in the way. Then there are those fabulous extra sharp state-of-theart Japanese knives, only made for right handed people and the pots with the spouts on the wrong side. My friend Rafih Benjelloun who owns a Moroccan restaurant, The Imperial Fez, in Atlanta, would insist I eat with my right hand. I understand there are sound cultural reasons for this, but I am not sure I would be able to do it.

Contrary to what people might think, I do not write funny. I could actually teach cursive in elementary school. But when I sign a book on the title page (on the right side) it is very hard to keep the ink from smearing because my left hand drags behind the letters; it does not go ahead like a right hand (if you followed that description you are a genius).

When I was on book tour several years ago, I discovered that we left-handers are only one in seven. I knew we were special. However, my cousin who has a very talented left-handed daughter, has done research on the subject and informed me that we do not live as long as right-handed people.

One other thing, it is only right-handed people who notice what hand I use. Why is that and why do they think that is so weird (especially when they see how beautiful my cursive is)?

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