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Shredded Root Vegetable Latkes

On the show, my nephew and I visited Stone Barns farm to get fresh winter vegetables for these Root Vegetable Latkes, my version of the traditional Hanukkah dish.

Braised Brisket with Flying Discs

This traditional dish can be tricky to prepare; here are step by step directions that demystify the process starting with Braised Brisket. Plus, my husband’s Aunt Rifka’s recipe for matzo balls they call ‘flying disks.’

Grilled Shrimp in Lettuce Wraps

An abundance of fresh produce stars in this delicious, low-calorie, portable entree from Top Chef winner Hung Huynh.

Agnello Scottadito with Heirloom Tomato Salad

Looking forward to summer, Chef Giuseppe Fanelli dresses this flavorful lamb dish with fresh heirloom tomatoes.

Dirty Duck Rice

Chef Mashama Baily serves this hearty Low Country-inspired dish in her hot, new Savannah restaurant, The Grey.

Dandelion Greens Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash and Pecan Dressing

Find this local salad at The Grey, in Savannah's former Greyhound Station.

Zucchini and Pasta Noodles with Garlicky Yogurt Sauce

This is one of the creative vegetable dishes Amanda Cohen serves at her New York restaurant, Dirt Candy.

Kentucky Lemonade

Amanda Cohen's Kentucky Lemonade is spiked with a good dose of bourbon and some beet juice for color.

Crab Soup

This Low Country classic, featuring fresh blue crab from local waterways, is a specialty in Charleston restaurants.

Pimento Cheese

A staple in Southern refrigerators, pimento cheese is easy to make and versatile to use. Serve it as a spread, dip, sauce, or entree ingredient.

Huguenot Torte

This sweet apple pudding, now Charleston's most famous dessert, is is said to have been developed in the 1940s and named for the city's Huguenot Tavern.

Picadillo Sloppy Joes

The counterpoint of prunes and green olives brings big flavor to this satisfying sandwich and it is quick and easy to prepare.

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