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Hope you have been catching the latest episodes of “Milk Street Radio.” Here’s where you can find them.

The first episode of Chris Kimball’s “Milk Street Radio” podcast aired on October 22. Each hour-long show includes a segment devoted to listeners’ questions, which I co-host with Chris. Here’s where you can learn more and check out the latest show: Milk Street Radio, iTunes, Tunein, Stitcher. Or on Amazon Echo: Say,…


A New York Times article documents that Americans are doing more home cooking these days!

A recent New York Times article shows that busy Americans are enjoying more home-cooked meals and fewer commercially- prepared meals these days. With more new and returning home cooks in the kitchen, “Sara Moulton’s Home Cooking 101: How to Make Everything Taste Better” would be a great guide and right on time to offer…


How do you know which potato variety to use in a recipe?

For many recipes, the kind of potato you use makes a very big difference. There are two important categories of potatoes, baking and boiling. Baking potatoes, or russets (the most famous being Idaho), become soft and fluffy when cooked and are good for any recipe in which you want a…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations: The Ultimate Drink Enhancer – Flavored Ice Cubes

You can freeze anything in an ice cube tray and then float it in a drink. Fruit is an excellent candidate, any kind, pureed and strained (optional – I don’t mind seeds) will make a lovely addition to a summer drink. Or herbal or regular tea. They can be added…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – Don't throw out that leftover coffee, freeze it.

After my morning cup (well, cups) of coffee all I want on a hot summer afternoon is iced coffee and what better way to ice it then with coffee ice cubes – double whammy!   or you can take it even further and throw the cubes into a blender with…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – Oversalted it? There is one solution.

I’m sure it’s happened to you – you forgot to taste one more time and added more salt anyway and then realized that suddenly your stew/soup/sauce was so salty it was inedible.     For years I thought the answer was to add one of these three starchy foods:  …


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – Tomatoes Need Salt

There is absolutely nothing better in the summer than a ripe tomato. We have a garden in the back field of my parents old farmhouse and some years I can’t keep up with the crop: Even though this kind of harvest makes me feel slightly like Lucy trying to wrap…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – Mise En Place is a Waste of Time for the Home Cook.

I take my life into my own hands by saying this. I’m sure all my chef instructors from my alma mater, the Culinary Institute of America, will want to shoot me at dawn. But here is what I have discovered from cooking dinner at home 5 or 6 nights a…


Sara Kitchen Revelations – Fresh Corn: Cook It, Chill It, or Lose It

I bet many of you, like me today, are picking up corn at the farm stand or farmer’s market, which is a good thing, because corn close to the source (as opposed to trucked miles from the farm) is fresher. But there is a problem with corn – the second…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – Small People Need Big Knives

This is not about my Napoleon complex. I really mean it -we little people work better with a bigger knife. Actually, mostly, big people chop more efficiently with a bigger knife too.  Why? Well, Here are two chef’s knives, side by side, an 8-inch and a 10-inch: The 10-inch knife…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – The Secret Ingredient to Juicy Tender Chicken

Southerners always soak their chicken in buttermilk before dipping it in flour and deep frying it – that is what I learned on my live call in show on the food network. I thought it was a just a Southern thing, I didn’t realize it was a science thing. I…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations: Milk is the Great Deodorizer

Love fish but wish it didn’t smell quite so fishy? And how about gamey venison or livery calves liver? How do you turn that assertive aroma and taste down a tiny notch? Soak that strong tasting ingredient in milk! I learned this years ago when I worked at a 3 star…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – Watch out Beluga, there are some new caviars in town

Last Thursday I had a spectacular dish at INK in LA – Burrata with trout roe, garlic flowers, kataifi and much more Who says that cheese and fish don’t go together? But meanwhile, this trout roe reminded me how many new choices there are in the market in the fish…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – Raw Beets are Very Tasty

When I was grating my beets for a quick saute for The Husband I happened to taste a little bit of the shredded beets in the raw state shredded gold and red beet salad   and discovered that they had a very fresh, mild beet flavor with a lovely crunch.…


Sara's Kitchen's Revelations – You Can Cook Beets in 3 Minutes

The Husband loves beets. Me, not so much. I think they taste like dirt. They take forever to cook – 45 minutes to boil or to steam, and if you steam them you have to keep adding water.  They take a whopping 1 1/2 hours to roast, which is the…


Sara's Kitchen Revelations – That artichoke stem is edible!

It is not only edible but also dense and tasty just like the artichoke heart. Last night I was preparing some monster artichokes for my son Sam’s birthday chez us, when I decided to get out the camera and film the process of trimming the stems. I actually learned this…


Mom and Pop Cookware Stores

My book tour has taken me all around the country, to smaller independent cookware stores in smaller cities that I normally don’t get to, like Des Moines, Madison, Savannah, and Anchorage. Everywhere I go I am working for my book sales. I have learned from past experience that unless you…


Meringue Issues

Normally I would have posted this in the kitchen shrink part of my website but I thought the topic of weepy meringues was such a burning issue that I should feature it as a blog entry. The answer comes from one of my good buddies and an important mentor, Jean…


Finding the Right Cooking School

I am frequently asked how to find information on cooking schools around the country and occasionally around the world. I usually recommend picking up a copy of The Guide to Cooking Schools or Culinary Schools and Programs by Peterson’s. Both are available on line and in bookstores and it is…


Turkey Roasting Discoveries

Let me explain. First the dry brine idea. Cook’s Illustrated, the magazine that has been in the forefront of brining (because many years ago Pam Anderson, their food editor, ran a recipe for brining a turkey after she discovered it in one of Jean Anderson’s cookbooks. Jean had learned this…


Being Left Handed

I get a lot of questions about being left handed and how it affects the way I do things. Actually, it doesn’t affect me at all. There are several inconveniences I have to suffer of course because this is a right handed world. Every time I have to sign one…


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