I'll be in Bloomington, IN on Wednesday, November 6th.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Bloomington, Indiana cookware store, Goods for Cooks, Chantal cookware and the store have invited me to give a book signing and cooking class on Wednesday, November 6. The book signing at the store runs from 4 to 5 pm and my class will be at the The Bloomington Cooking School from 6 to 8 pm. The sampling menu will include Chicken Cassoulet, Seared Beef in Autumn Broth, Sautéed Beer Battered Shrimp with Tartar Sauce, and Hot Banana Split Crêpes. For more information or to register for the class go to Bloomington Cooking School or call 812-333-7100. For information on the book signing, call Goods for Cooks at 812-339-2200. The store is located at 115 North College Avenue in Bloomington.

3 Responses to I'll be in Bloomington, IN on Wednesday, November 6th.

  1. Barbara Erives says:

    Great Spanish Burgers!

  2. Lynn Gurganus says:

    Dear Sara I have watched your show many times and there have been so many recipes I would have liked to try. But I find your web page absolutely maddening. When I type in “beer batter shrimp”as I have this morning, it never goes to the recipe. I have now spent an hour trying to find it. I am sure yours is good but I’ll go to food network instead. Who on earth put your web page together. Finding information doesn’t need to be this difficult. Lynn

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