Organic Nectars 100% Raw Agave Syrup

At one of my stops when I was on Book Tour, Lisa Protter of Organic Nectars gave me a sample of their raw agave syrup to taste. She told me that the all-natural, unrefined syrup is unprocessed, chemical-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, certified organic, certified kosher, and is low glycemic, making it suitable for adults who are monitoring their sugar or have food allergies. I was immediately interested because I get frequent e-mails from people who have or are cooking for people who have diabetes or food allergies and are looking for ways to make their diet more satisfying. The syrup is made from an extract of the Mexican agave cactus, as is tequila, and has a mild, pleasant flavor in addition to its sweetness. In their growing line of agave products, Organic Nectars has a selection of sweet and savory treats such as chocolate syrup and truffles using the product. For more information visit their web site, www.organicnectars.com. To order products, call 845-246-0506 or e-mail info@organicnectars.com.

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