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Sara’s Weeknight Meals Season 1

Sara's Weeknight MealsWelcome to the companion site to my public television series, Sara’s Weeknight Meals, which started airing in April 2008. This show is based on my last cookbook, Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals, and it’s all about getting quick tasty meals on the table during the work week. The series is made up of 20 shows. I’m flying solo in 14 of them. The other six feature great guests, including Madhur Jaffrey, Jasper White, Andrew Carmelini, Roberto Santibanez, Corinne Trang, and Michael Psilakis. The show was produced by my dream team – the folks I most enjoyed working with during my years at the Food Network.


  • Episode 101: Pasta for Supper
    The new show is based on my last cookbook, Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals, and it’s all about getting quick tasty meals on the table during the work week. The series is made up of 20 shows. I’m flying solo in 14 of them.
  • Episode 102: The Substantial Sandwich
    This week’s show is about sandwiches. Everyone likes sandwiches, so why should they just be for lunch? A well-made sandwich is a thing of beauty, but many of us don’t think of it as dinner.
  • Episode 103: Soup for Supper
    Hearty soups have always struck me as meals in themselves. They’re not only substantial, they’re easy to make. After all, you can toss nearly anything and everything into a broth and call it soup.
  • Episode 104: Breakfast for Dinner
    Now lots of folks prefer breakfast to any other meal. These range from the relative few who pour themselves a bowl of cereal in the evening and call it dinner to the zillions of restaurant-goers who order breakfast no matter what time of day it is.
  • Episode 105: Indian Style with Guest Madhur Jaffrey
    I just love Indian food; I find the layering of flavors and textures very exciting. But most home cooks are reluctant to cook it because of all the ingredients (mostly spices) involved.
  • Episode 106: Shop and Serve
    If the convenience of a meal’s preparation is your prime consideration, this week’s show is for you. The sheer number of time-saving, pre-prepped ingredients in today’s supermarkets is amazing.
  • Episode 107: Vegetable Plates
    This show is about vegetable main dishes. These meatless but intensely-flavored entrees should appeal to vegetarians and carnivores alike.
  • Episode 108: Burgers
    This show is about Burgers. Everybody loves them and they can be dressed up endlessly so why save them for cookouts.
  • Episode 109: Just Open the Pantry
    This week’s show, “Just Open the Pantry,” is about making hearty and delicious meals from supplies most of us have on hand all the time.
  • Episode 110: Greek style with guest Michael Psilakis
    My guest for this episode is Michael Psilakis, Chef/Owner of restaurants Kefi, Anthos, and Mia Dona in New York City. Chef Psilakis divides his cuisine into tradition and inspiration.
  • Episode 111: Meat Entrees
    This week’s show is about meat entrees. Tender cuts of meat are perfect for weeknight meals because they cook up quickly and adapt easily to all kinds of preparations.
  • Episode 112: Mexican Made Easy with guest Roberto Santibanez
    My guest this week is Roberto Santibanez. A native of Mexico City, Roberto graduated with honors from the Cordon Bleu in Paris and has worked as a restaurateur, chef, culinary consultant, and teacher in both Mexico and the United States.
  • Episode 113: Poultry Dinner
    This week’s show is about cooking poultry. Poultry is one of America’s favorite weeknight meals – it is versatile, affordable, and almost everyone likes it.
  • Episode 114: Italian Style with guest Andrew Carmellini
    My guest this week is Andrew Carmellini, Chef at restaurant A Voce in New York City. The restaurant has received 3 stars from the New York Times and Chef Carmellini was the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef New York in 2005.
  • Episode 115: From the Sea
    This week’s show is about seafood. For most of us growing up, our fish options were square, breaded, and fried. Now, finally, you can find fresh seafood in your neighborhood and it’s the perfect candidate for a quick, healthy, and delicious weeknight meal.
  • Episode 116: Cooking Ahead
    Why devote a show to slow-cooked recipes in a series whose prime purpose is speed? Because if you cook one of these dishes ahead of time on a weekend, when you have a little extra time, there’s nothing left to do on a weeknight but pull it out of the fridge and heat it up.
  • Episode 117: Asian Noodle Dishes with Guest Corrine Trang
    My guest for this episode is Corinne Trang. I had her on my show on the food network when she came out with her first cookbook and just loved her recipes, so I challenged her to come up with some noodle entrees that could be made quickly on a weeknight.

  • Episode 118: Entree Salads
    Like soup, salad can be built up into an eminently respectable stand-alone entree with a minimum of muss and fuss. Indeed, most of my entree salads, like my soups, contain all of the usual dinner food groups.
  • Episode 119: Sea Fare with Jasper White
    My guest for this show is Jasper White, a long time friend from Boston. Although he and I have never worked together, we have many connections.
  • Episode 120: Pizza
    This week’s show is about pizza. Most people don’t think about making pizza from scratch on a weeknight but I have come up with a six-minute crust so there is no excuse anymore.