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Welcome to the Kitchen Shrink, where you email me with your culinary questions and I do my best to answer them.

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Recently Submitted Questions

Equipment: All about my bench scraper
Each time I use my special extra-large bench scraper on the show I get many e-mails from viewers who would like to have one. My search for a source was unsuccessful until I found out... read answer »

Pancetta: What is Pancetta and how do you cook it?
Marvin e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink that he had enjoyed scallops with pancetta at a restaurant and wondered what pancetta is, how you cook it, and where to buy it. Although pancetta is often called Italian bacon,... read answer »

Cranberry Sauce: How do you make homemade cranberry sauce?
I recently got an e-mail from Greg who said that he had recently had homemade fresh cranberry sauce at a holiday dinner and loved it. He added that he hadn’t known that it was something... read answer »

Turkey: Where can I find help in carving a turkey?
I recently got an e-mail from Michael asking for help in carving a turkey. I have lots of information on the site about cooking and serving turkey (you’ll find it at turkey) and decided that... read answer »

Desserts: Here’s One of my Favorite Desserts
I received an e-mail from Frances asking, “What is your all-time favorite dessert? How do you make it?”  Well, I don’t really have a favorite dessert, but I am rather fond of the Butterscotch Pudding... read answer »

Kale: What are some good ways to cook kale?
As fall approaches it is definitely time to take a new look at kale. Kale has become one of the latest cruciferous vegetables to rebrand as a versatile ingredient in almost any recipe you can... read answer »

Fruit: Selecting and handling early summer fruit
Freshly picked apricots are the first “stone” fruit of summer. Shortly after they appear on the market, cherries, nectarines, peaches, and then plums arrive. Prompted by the warmth of the early summer sun each ripens... read answer »

Buttermilk: Can you freeze buttermilk?
Gloria recently e-mailed the Kitchen Shrink to ask if she could freeze leftover buttermilk, thaw and use some, and refreeze the remainder. While buttermilk producers suggest that you not freeze buttermilk for best flavor and... read answer »

Wedding Cakes: Tips for making a wedding cake from a favorite recipe.
I recently got an e-mail from Joan saying, “Our family loves your gingerbread recipe. In fact, my daughter is getting married and I will be making your recipe as their cake.  There will be 150... read answer »

Chicken Soup: How can I get more flavor in my chicken soup?
I recently got an e-mail from David who said “I am making chicken soup for my picky eaters, and . . . . the soup has little chicken flavor and no yellow color. . .... read answer »