Food Safety | Sara Moulton | Chef, Cookbook Author, Television Personality

Food Safety

  • Clams: How do you store and clean clams?
  • Eggs: How long can I keep hard-cooked eggs?
  • Fish: How can we find out which fish are safe to eat and not endangered?
  • Food Safety: How Accurate are “Best by” Labels
  • Food Safety: Is the food coloring in Red Velvet Cake safe?
  • Food Safety: What foods can I save when the power has been out?
  • Meat: At what temperature is meat safely cooked?
  • Meat: How can you check the flavor of homemade sausages without tasting raw meat?
  • Packing Safely: How Can I Safely Pack and Carry a Picnic?
  • Potatoes: What are the green patches you find on potatoes and are those potatoes safe to eat?
  • Safety: Hand Washing Tips
  • Wooden Boards: What is the best way to clean wooden cutting boards?